How To Convert Apps You Installed From Google PlayStore to APK and share them

You downloaded a wonderful app from Google PlayStore and you are wondering how to Share this app on your own website for others to download from there instead of refering them to Google Play store?? You dont know how to do It?

Well, Naturally, Apps from Google play store are not downloaded to your device. Rather they are directly installed to your device which makes it kind of Impossible to know where the install file has been saved to. Also, it is not possible to share the app like you would share normal apps with the normal .apk extension..

With MyAppSharer You will be able to Convert those Files Installed from Google Play Store Successfully without encountering any problems to .apk which then Makes it Possible to share them.

MyAppSharer let you to easy share your apps to your friends, you can share by market link or directly share APK (App’s full package).

Follow the Steps Below to Successfully Do this.

*. Download MyAppSharer from The Link above and Install it on your Device.

*. Launch MyAppSharer and you will be able to see all installed Apps on your Mobile.

*. Tick the box at the right hand side of each app you want to convert to .apk and wait for it to process.

*. Tick the Circle Box at the to Left of the Screen beside APK so as to convert the app to APK

*. After that, Click on Share by the Top Right hand side of the screen so you can then share your converted file.

*. You will now have options on where you can share it like Via Whatsapp, Facebook, Bluetooth, Skype, Gmail etc. Scroll either right or left to see other sharing options.

Note: All apps converted to APK are Being saved to a folder called MyAppSharer which can be accessed from the File explorer app.
There is no need to convert an already converted app. Just locate the folder and you can then see your app. You can also share it at anytime you wish.

Happy Sharing