How To Copy Other Bloggers Posts Without Causing Any Troubles

Actually, Copying other Bloggers’ contents is illegal according to international Laws. Suprisingly, There are laws governing activities on the internet.

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Aside that, There are Many Consequences associated with Content stealing such as the deletion of your blog if you are on blogger, Removal of your blog from search engines, You will loss respects from your readers when they discover you are a CTRL C+V Blogger.

But in certain situations, you will need some stuffs from other blogs such as advanced codes or related stuffs. In this case, you can copy them without problems by following the two below tips Provided in this Post.

Ask Them For Permission

This is not too much to do.. You can ask them for permission. I believe 90% of all Blogs have Contact Pages. You can use their contact pages to get their email or if they have contact form, you can use it for that as it makes the contacting easier.

While using this option, You have to ask for it humbly. And if they dont agree, dont do it on your own because this might lead to problem not only between you and Them, but between you and Search engines, Blogger (if you are using Blogger) as they might file a Legal Report against you.

Give a Credit LinkBack

Most bloggers Love this option. You dont need to contact them personally, You just give a credit Linkback to them. This gives them joy especially when your blog offers a good amount of link Juice. Most Bloggers Love it when they are credited for their good works. But you must do it in a way that makes sense.


I still stand on the ground that Copying Other People’s Posts isnt a good thing to do because it does not show creativity and originality which is the attribute of Successful Bloggers…
And if must be done, credits should be given to the original author..
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