How to Revive your Lost Blogging Passion

Lost Blogging passion is when you no longer have the apetite to Post on your blog again. For one reason or the other.

This has happened to me in the 2nd half of 2013, it has happened to many other bloggers out there it is happening to many right Now and being on a frank side, it has happened to many Pro/Successful Bloggers.

Are you a blogger who is in this situation and wish to Overcome it?

Today, we are going to discuss the Causes, Symptoms and Solution of Loss of Blogging Passion.


Causes here are some reasons why you had a loss of blogging passion

*. Unreproductive Blog: This is an ultimate cause of Loss of Blogging Passion. When a blog is unreproductive, and does not yeild any income for the blogger, He tend to have a Loss of Interest and Passion. Being Frank, This is chief of the few reasons I lost my Passion in the 2nd Quarter of 2013. Then, This my Blog, was not yeilding much for me. So, i had to concentrate on my other blog which was the major source of Blogging Income. Had it been I didnt have an alternative blog, i would have had a Quit in blogging.

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*. Lack of Motivator/Instructor:
When there is no one to tell you what you are doing right/wrong, when you’ve got no Motivator or Instructor, someone you tend to be lost in blog-o-sphere. Being lost in Blog-o-sphere leave you clueless and hopeless. Being Clueless and Hopeless leads to loss of Passion.

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*. Search Engine:
This might sound crazy but it is true. Most blogger depends on Search Engines as their major source of traffic negleting other Numerous ways to generate traffic to their blog. This leads to engagement in many black hat seo cheats. And unluckily for them, the get hit by Google bots. Using myself as an example, though i didnt involve my blog in any blackhat, but my blog got banned by google search engines. My blog disappeared instantly. My traffic dropped by more than 80%. I was downcasted and depressed by this, all my efforts were to no avail. Being frank, this is one of the reasons i dumped my blog in the 2nd half of 2013.

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Symptoms here are some points that indicates your loss of blogging passion.

*. You No longer visit your blog

*. You dont read other blogs

*. You dont comment on other blogs.

*. You no longer have interest on the latest news in Blog-o-sphere.

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Possible Solution:

Possible solution here are the recommended tips to revive or get back your lost blogging passion.

*. Read other blogs: start by reading other bloggers’ Posts. Especially success stories from other bloggers. By reading these Stories, you won’t only learn from them, but you will get motivated to move ahead with your plans. It also makes you re-focus your energy on your goals.

*. Think of why you want to regain your blogging passion:
Wanting to regain/revive your blogging passion? what is your reason/purpose of getting back to blogging? Your purpose could be to improve the life of others, or help people to do things more efficiently, or to help people to make more money. Thinking of your purpose is an important way to revive yourself.

*. Find a Partner/Motivator:
Staying in touch with someone who’s trying to accomplish the same thing you are will motivate you to take action toward your goal. Find a partner or someone who knows more than you do. Find someone that you are comfortable with and share your problems with him. After sharing your problems, you will feel re-charged and re-energized.

*. Contact Pro Bloggers: Meet with pro bloggers, Interract with them as they will be able to share tips with you which would help you continue your struggles to regain ur passion.
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Over to You!!
You have any other tip you wanna add to these? you can use the comment box. your suggestion could be helpful to some other readers.