How You Can Gain Twitter Traffic From Retweet Communities

What Are Twitter Retweet Communities?

Twitter Retweet Communities are communities designed to gather bloggers worldwide to enable them retweet the tweets of other users at a credit Cost. These Communities are not owned by Twitter. They were created by Twitter Lovers who wish to help us promote our articles between us.

What Are These Sites?

I dont Know Much of them, But i will give you 6 Diff. Communities Here.

How Do They Work?

Sign Up: You dont Need to fill Forms just to SignUp!! If you have a Twitter account, you can sign up with your twitter profile automatically. Just click on the Login with twitter you see on any of the sites above, then authorize the app and you are done with that aspect.

Submit Tweet: After registering, you can go forward you submiting your Tweets for others to retweet. Type in your tweet. Your tweet should contain a link to your content and DO NOT include your Twitter username as it is automatically added for you. When submiting a Tweet, it is adviceable to use Url Shorteners to shorten your site urls. Then write your post Title, then add the URL select a number of credit to offer each person that retweets your tweet and how Many times you want your tweet to be retweeted depending on how many Credits you have left And submit.

Gaining Credits: After Registering, Each of them Gives you a certain free number of credits. There are two ways to gain Retweet Credits on These communities. The free and Paid options.
To Gain free credits, you will have to retweet the tweets of other Users. Example, If another user asigns 50 credits to a particular tweet, if you retweet it, you get 50 credits for Free.
The paid option is for users who dont wish to retweet other users’ Tweets. They only use these communities to make other users promote their Products.

Other Features contained by These Communities

1. Article Categories: This Lets you Find Tweets you want to tweet by Categories.

2. Tweet Search: This Lets You search for Tweets you may want to Retweet.

3. Tweet Tracking: How many Times your tweets has been retweeted.

4. Profile Page: This Lets you see others’ Profile

5. And Lots More.

Important Information To Note:

1. Try assigning big number of Credits to attract users to Retweet your tweet. I see Some people on Justretweet assigning 1 Credit to their tweet and i was Like “who do they expect to to retweet their tweet for Just 1 credit?”

2. Do Not Promote Product sales pages, squeeze pages, direct affiliate links, direct home page links, ecommercepages, low quality articles, get rich schemes or any other type of spam. You should only Promote Your Blog Articles.

3. Visit any links before promoting them. This allows you to make sure that you are not promoting anything sketchy to your followers.

4. Include RELATED hashtags (and additional @usernames if applicable).

5. Do the Best You can Do to Make more out of these Communities!!