List Social Bookmarking Sites And Importance of Using Them

What Is Social Bookmarking?

This refers to posting links to your blog articles at a variety of sites that store, organise, and manage bookmarks.

What Are the Usefulness of Using Social bookmarking sites?

There are many reasons and bensfits of using the which are as below;

#1. Social bookmarking is a part of off page Seo . Its important and valuable as like on page Seo. It helps you get backlinks without spamming

#2. Social Bookmarking is the greatest way to generate backlink. Getting Backlinks from Social bookmarking sites helps boost your site ranking.

#3. Social bookmarking will not only give you a backlink but also it will increase your site’s traffic so much.

#4. Social bookmarking can help you gain popularity online and increase your blog/site exposure.

#5. If properly done this is the best cheapest way to get good SE results.

#6. A very effective form of internet marketing includes the use of social bookmarking.

#7. You can use Social bookmarking to Inform about your new products.

Then simply follow these steps:

1. Register on those sites
2. Click “Submit a new story”
3. Enter your “URL”
4. Enter your keyword or title, category and descriptions
5. Click continue or submt

Thats all, hope it will help you to submit your site to social bookmarking sites.

The List of Social Bookmarking sites are as follows.

Hope This List Helps You.