MTN FB0 Free Browsing Tweak for Android/iPhone Users July August 2014

    For all those who have been complaining concerning the FB0 tweak to browse for free on the android and iphone devices, here is a little fix I was able to come up with. This will help those that are finding it hard to use simple server either because of rooting problems or low ram.

    Let’s go there…….

    How to browse unlimitedly on your android??

    download all this applications
    1. –  openvpnconnect
     2. – fb0sms
    3. – Config file

    To opt out of dail *406*2#
    Or Send in SMS format stop to 131.
    then FB0 to 131.once you receive a welcome SMS,
    Install openvpnconnect then click on import Cong file.Then
    locate the previous Config file you downloaded click on it
    and save it

    Just a tap on the config file and it will request for
    username and password
    Password: 3rEreWre

    pc users can also follow the same procedures..
    The password normally changes every Wednesday so visit for the latest password.once you see a arrow key
    then try connecting you apps.
    The fb0 is capped 5mb so whenever your openvpn
    disconnects you resend the message.
    For heavy downloaders install fb0sms make sure your
    openvpnconnect is connected then tap on once you see
    connection ok no need to send SMS manually the app will
    do that.