MTN Zone Is Back and Better for New Subscribers

Yeah! You Got it Right!!! MTN Zone is back.. You can now Migrate to MTN Zone without Troubles..

Sometime Ago, MTN Stopped people from Migrating to MTN Zone due to Reasons Best Known to them but those who are already on It were still enjoying the benifit of the prepaid plan..

For those who dont know much about this Plan, Lemme Cool down and explain how the MTN Zone plan works..

MTN zone plan is a Prepaid tarrif plan from MTN which allows MTN Subscribers to make cheap calls or get call discounts based on your location.

MTN Zone Call Discounts Ranges from 2k/sec, 4k/sec, 8k/sec, 12k/sec, 16k/sec, 20k/sec, 24k/sec and on Bad times, 30k/sec

Need help with MTN Zone? Use the following dialling codes to help you understand how MTN Zone can save you money!
Registration: *135*1# send
Plan Menu: *135# send
Tariff Plan: *135*2# send
Tariff Rate: *135*3# send
Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4# send
Notification off: 135*6# send
Notification on: *135*5# send

To display Zone Discounts on your phone screen, Go to your text message settings and create broadcast service with channel number 50. Put it on and you are set to get discount information on your network base on the zone you are.