Top 5 Bloggers Community Worldwide Every Blogger Should Join

Blogging Community is just like a platform where many bloggers from different part of the world meet to share ideas. The bloggers there might have different niches and different point of views.

Connecting with other bloggers is the best way to make friendship. So, In todays post, i will be showing you links to 10 communities that every blogger should join in other to mingle and share ideas and thoughts with other bloggers from different part of the world.

5 Bloggers Communities All Bloggers Should Join:

1. is an awesome blogging community which has a good percentage of indian bloggers.

This is my favourite. Bloggers is a community where many bloggers from different part of the world come in contact. It has over millions of users.

This Is One of the best communities where you can get tons of real traffic. The Disadvantage of this community is that it is not for free. It is a pay to join community. You can Visit it to see how you can pay.

Gather is a very active blogging community where you can connect with thousands of bloggers to share ideas, make friends and lots more.

Blogster is free blogging Community where you can promote you blog, create a discussion, comment on other people’s discussions.