What is the Difference Between Page View, Page Visits and Page Impressions?

The concept of Page View, Visits and Impression Has always been a confusion to many webmasters. Today, Many people substitute Page views for Page Impression and Vice Versa.

Today, we are going to discuss the concept of Page views and Impressions. The similarity and difference.


Page Views are related to users and browsers. A pageview is each time a visitor views a page on your website, regardless of how many hits are generated. This means that pageviews are calculated depending on how many times each visitor visits each page of your blog or website

Page Visits

Page Visits refers to how many visitors that comes to your blog or websits. One visitor may view upto 10 Pages in your blog. Irrespective of the number of pages viewed during their visit, they are only counted as 1 Visit.
Sometimes, A visitor may provide 2 visits. This happens when the visitor has been inactive on your blog for upto 30 minutes. If the same visitor begins again to browse your website/blog after 30 Minutes Inactivity, They are regarded as another Visitor

Page Impression

Page Impressions are usually related to ads. Page Impression is the number of times a visitor views your Page multiplied by the number of Ads on your Site/blog.
This means that if you Place 2 Ad Banner In right and left sidebars, then a visitor comes and views 5 Pages on your Blog where these ads are shown, Your Page Impression Becomes 5Views X 2 Ad Banners = 10 Impressions

Normally, Page Impressions are Bigger than Pageview which in turn is bigger than Page Visits. Page visits usually is smaller in Number.

Relation In SEO:

When a 5 people Searches for Keyword on Search engines that are related to your Blog Keywords and your Blog show up in SERP about 2 times but the person clicks on your URL from SERP only once. Then Page Impression = 10, Page Views = 5 and Page Visits = 5.

In this Course, page Impression is the number of times your page has appeared in SERP, Page view is the number of times your pages has been clicked and opened from SERP and Page Visits is the number of visitors who opens your Pages from SERP.