Why You Might Be wasting your time using CommentLuve Enabled Blogs To Build Links

Not so long after Andy Baily Introduced the commentluv plugin, it captured the heart of many wordpress based bloggers. They started using it as it brings more people to comment on their blogs and the plugin went Viral!! It has Many Advantages to both The Bolgger and their readers as the readers gain traffic by dropping their SiteLink and the Bloggers gain more traffic and commenters.but many of these commenters comment just for backlinks and traffic they gain from the Plugin.

Many Bloggers witnessed sudden drop in their Page Rank in 2013 after using the plugin i dont really know if it is as a result of using the plugin. Even the inventor of the plugin Andy Baily’s Blog dropped from PR6 to PR5.

Now the Question is, Does the backlinks derived from CommentLuv Enabled blogs Really worth it?

See this: After the sudden drop in PR of some blogs that were using it, most of the blogs disabled the plugins. Not only that they dropped the plugin, they also removed all previous links also by running MySQL queries.

Now answer this: Havent the commenters lost the backlinks they built on those sites that previously installed the Plugin?

Now see this, What if the blogs you built links from decide to move to another Non-WP Comment System Like Discus or IntenseDatabase? What Happens to the Links you’ve built on those blogs? They will be a thing of the past.

Also, Many Bloggers have come to realise that outbound do-follow links steal their ranking, Comment links are harmful to blog content as itdistracts the spiders from their main keywords. As a result their post will rank lower.. Due to this fact, many bloggers have choosen to change their CommentLuv links to “Nofollow”. While you comment on their blogs with hope of getting both traffic and Link Juice, you will only get traffic. They just leave the plugin to attract more visitors and comments.

Conclusion: You should be aware that over 50% of bloggers using CommentLuv Plugin are using it just to drive traffic and comments. Also, They may one day decide to remove the plugin then all backlinks you’ve built will be lost and You will then be scared of any update from Google.

CommentLuv is resourceful no doubt about that. But it should not be considered as the “Ultimate” Way to Build Links. If all your interest is to build links only from CommentLuv enabled blog, your are really making a big mistake and wasting time which you should use in other Linking Building Strategies

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