Why you should Quit using Networkedblogs…. NOW!!

There are many ways to publish your blog posts automatically on social network.

Networkedblogs.com, is one of the many methods to publish your posts automatically on your facebook or social network accounts. It lets youImport your blog feed into the app. Once the blog is set up, it will automatically post when you publish a blog. Your posts can automatically be tweeted out or posted to your Facebook profile or page. Other Users can subscribe to the blog right on NetworkedBlogs websites.

Why You should not use Networked Blogs

You should not use NetworkedBlogs because they make use of iFrame from the app in both user streams and within the app itself to to deliver blog content.

Other RSS Feed delivering tools such as Digg and Hootsuite once upon a time were using this same method to deliver feeds on social networks because people thought that the social media websites were stealing site traffic and keeping users within their own site. Although this method is now stale and no longer in use, NetworkedBlogs has turned a deaf ear to it and continued using it.

You might be wondering ‘Whats the bad thing if they use iFrame to deliver their feeds?’

Now, Let us talk why iFrames are not good for you and your website/blog?

Alexa Ranks NetworkedBlogs instead of your blog:

Your blog post is being generated by NetworkedBlogs and posted on your social networks accounts. When users click on them, it opens an iFrame where your blog contents are placed within the confines of Networkedblogs website. With this, Alexa ranks NetworkedBlogs instead of your blog because its their website that they get to Notice. You can learn this if you have an alexa toolbar installed in your browser, the rank that will reflect on the toolbar is that of NetworkedBlog and not yours.

NetworkedBlogs Favicon on your blog:

Instead of your blog Favicon to be shown, you will only see Networkedblog’s there. You might be wondering if favicon has any importance on your blog. Yes, It does!!!
The use of favicon is One of the numerous ways to make your domain unique from the other websites on the internet which is a symbol of your website if it’s browsed in the address bar or kept saved in somebody`s inventory of bookmarks.

NetworkedBlogs URL:

A unique NetworkedBlog URL is generated for a specific Feed content. You might also be wondering what negative effect this has on your blog since people also use URL shorteners for other thing on their blogs.
Even though people use URL shorteners to link to their blogs, when the user gets on the linked blog, the original URL appears on the address bar. But in the case of networkedblogs, the networked blogs URL remains on the Address bar and wont show the original link of the content.
This is because any link built to your content in the iFrame will pass value to the site framing the content, and not to you the original content creator. Moreso, if the site providing the iframe or shortened URL shuts down, so does that link to your web content. This becomes scary if lots of users has already bookmarked the link provided by NetworkedBlogs on iFrame for future reference. When the links definetely shutdown, the links to your contents shuts down automatically.

What Possible Alternative should be explored?

There are numerous Alternatives online that offers better services. Below, we list some of them.

1. Hootsuite.com
2. Dlvr.it
3. Bufferapp.com
4. RSSgraffiti.com
5. Twitterfeed.com

You can also use your feedburner to Post automatically to your twitter account. Read Here

If you are on wordpress, there are lots of plugins which lets you do this.


I do not receive any compensation from any company or competitor of NetworkedBlogs for this post. This is an experience i had while i was using them.

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