How I Get Traffic To My Blog Without Google (Part 2) – Email Marketing

It’s probably about 2 months since I wrote the first edition of this series “How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Without Google” . I came to realize that Search Engine Optimization and ranking on the first page in search engines for various keywords is a major challenge for most Newbie bloggers and was also a challenge for me when I started out in the blogosphere. I simply decided to develop a chain of formulae that could work for me and help in driving traffic to my blog irrespective of my poor ranking on the search engines then.

I took out my time to study and develop the methods which I stated in the previous article and as I promised, this is the second edition and it would only be focused on one central theme which is Email Marketing.

What Is Email Marketing and How To Use It In Traffic Generation

driving traffic without SEO and Google

In simple words, I would love to make it simple by saying that Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email as the medium of communication.

It involves you as a blogger to gather a huge list of email addresses and send them notifications whenever you make a new blog post on your blog. It sounds really simple right, simply sending out notifications in form of new mail with links to the article and sending it out to the list and get traffic instantaneously to your blog. Isn’t that cool?

Well, it sounds easy, but how do you get to building a large list that even at a very low Open Rate would drive tremendous traffic to your blog? Well that’s one thing to think of conquering in order to win the email marketing benefits to your blog. This gets us to thinking of ways to get people to subscribe to your list in order to turn them into repeat visitors to your blog and drive more traffic without SEO and Google to your blog.

How To Build An Email List of Subscribers On Your Blog

Getting people to subscribe to your email list can be a major problem for most bloggers, but if you can find out the ways to achieve this, you would be amazed at how simple it is to drive traffic to your blog and yet you never knew.

Now, a simple rule to getting people do something for you is simply by offering them something they really want. Zig Ziglar said in one of his quotes that you can get whatever you want if you can provide others with what they need, and this is a very nice approach to gaining subscribers to your blog.

Offer people a Premium theme, An Ebook that’s worth reading or something similar, and get them to know that they can only receive the gift once they subscribe to your email list. Most people would happily opt-in to your email newsletters subscriber list just in order that they get your gift, and guess what? that’s an addition to your new legion of active and faithful reader base.

Other ways to Gain New Subscribers to Your Email List Include

  1. Ask For it: In your blog post, ask your readers to subscribe or opt-in for your newsletter updates. It surely does work.
  2. Hold a competition, contest or giveaway on your blog with subscribing too your email list as one of the criteria to qualify for the contest.
  3. Write quality content, this would compel people to opt-in to your subscriber list.
  4. Add your subscriber forms on various locations in your blog post page ranging from the sidebar to below the blog post, and other places you think would have a high Click Through Rate. Experimenting your way around this one helps.
  5. Add Testimonials to your Opt-In Pages, this is a cool way to encourage more people to subscribe to your email list.

I’ll stop with this 6 points to gain more subscribers to your blog. Now turning your subscribers into traffic is where the major work lies.

How To Turn Your List Into Traffic

You’ve built the list, so what’s next? Well, if you have successfully built up an email list, all you have to do is simply send out notifications to them whenever you make a new blog post on your blog.

This usually would cost a little fee, though there are some mailing platforms that can offer you free options for a small list and limited number of mails per month. For instance, Mailchimp offers you 2000 emails and 12,000 emails monthly for their free for life option. Once your list exceed the 2000 limit, you have to pay to continue using the service.

Now you can start with the MailChimp Free Option for your Email Marketing and Drive traffic to your blog. Once you make a new blog article, find time to set up a newsletter and send it to your list, most people would respond to your mail and have to visit your blog to read up the new content you added to your blog.

Email Marketing is one of the several ways I drive massive traffic to my blog without SEO and the use of Google, it sure does work a great deal for me on this blog. You too can achieve this by following my laid out principles.

Feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter list by using the opt-in form below and you will never regret you did. Thanks for reading this article, i would come up with other strategies I use to get traffic to my blog without Google soon, make sure your subscribe in order not to miss it. Happy Blogging.

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