One of the questions I always get asked is, “Sam, how do I boost my website SEO and make my content easily searchable?” Well, my answer as almost always remained the same: to boost your website SEO, simply focus on the very basic rules, which when done well would inevitably help you rank your website on Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

In this short post, I spared no effort in sharing with you some of the basic yet golden rules to help boost your website SEO over 700%. No jokes!

Here, Seven Simple but Powerful Tips to Boost Your Website SEO over 700%

boost your website SEO

1. Update Your Content Regularly + w/ Relevant Content

Updating your website content is the first step action towards boosting your website SEO, and inevitably get it ranked on Google Search Engine Ranking Pages or SERPs.

Really, this is a no-brainer and if truly you care enough about boosting your website SEO, then you would want to regularly publish content on your website. And this is also a metrics that Google uses to determine a website relevancy.

If you want your website or its content to be considered as relevant by humans and Google bots, then you must be in the habit of publishing great, relevant, and evergreen contents on a daily/weekly or even monthly basis.

Remember, this is the first step to boost your website SEO, which inevitably ranks your website on top search engines.

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2. Use Google Keyword Planner to see what people are typing in to find you and/or your competitors.

To boost your website SEO, it is vital that you think and acts like your website visitors or should I say internet surfers. It is important that you research exactly what people are searching for online via “Google” and strive hard to serve the same, but advanced information.

The tool that aids you during this research process is called, “Google Keyword Planner”, and it simply helps research low competitive keywords your customers are looking for online.

So if peradventure your website is about “Digital Marketing” and you run a digital marketing agency based in “Lagos, Nigeria”, you can simply search for keyword word terms like this one : Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria via Google Keyword Planner, and it would naturally pop out other closely related keyword terms you could also target and write about, which would over boost your website SEO.

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3. Follow these best practices for uploading images.

Someone once said, “Images speak louder than a thousand words”.

But while this true, it is also important that you SEO Optimize your images, especially if you are one who operates in the world wide web.

Usually, when you upload an image on your website, it always comes with its original title tag, which may look something like this: IMG_3625. It’s okay to publish this image, but Google can’t read images but texts.

And to really help boost your website SEO, you must always rename your image title and its alt text. The later is important in cases where your image(s) are taking longer to load up. Times like that, your alt text would display so that people know that there’s an image coming up in that section.

My advice: Whatever you do, make sure you always change the file name to the keyword you are trying to rank for, and yes, you should use the same keyword as the alternative text. Do I make myself clear here?

4. Have a link-worthy site

A backlink is one of the metrics Google uses to rank a website. This has been and always would be the method to rank and boost your website SEO!

There are two ways to do and build backlinks and these are Internal-linking your website contents within your blog contents or External-linking to other peoples’ website.

And there’s also a proper way of doing backlinks. Simply strive on creating relevant links within the text of your blog post.

I have seen the way many bloggers link to the contents of their website or those of others. They just use phrases like, “Click here” or “Go here”.

This back-linking method is a wrong tactical approach to boost your website SEO. And if you were going to rank your website high on Google SERPs, then you should use rich keyword terms like “3 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Competitors with Software” or this “Oscarmini – Nigerian Foremost Tech Blog”.

The above examples are great ways you can improve your search engine rankings as well as the page you are linking to, whether is a page from your blog or a competitors blog.

5. Submit an updated sitemap to Google.

The above is really the essential things you need/ought to do when trying to boost your website SEO. However, you also need to make sure to inform the search engine bots that your website is up-to-date with relevant and useful contents.

And to do that, you simply need to create a website sitemap, which would simply list out all of your blog posts dated to when you first published a post on your website. This is just an updated and extremely detailed table of contents that helps search engines understand and categorize your website even better.

You can simply create this sitemap with plugins like”Google XML Plugin” or “Yoast SEO” (I use the latter).

There are plethora plugins and tools you can use to generate your website sitemap. But that is only the first step. After generating your sitemap, you’ve got to submit it to Google via Google Webmaster Console.

Wrapping Up

The above points are really the basics methods you can use to boost your website SEO, drive a huge amount of targeted traffic, thereby improving your website revenue by 200%!

If you enjoy this post, please do give me a heads up by sharing the post with your friends on your various social networks. Also, I’d appreciate if you would take your time to submit your two cents comments in the comment section below. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the SEO tips. I think i am already doing everything needed before i stumbled on this post, but thanks a lot anyways.


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