• Locked Out? How To Bypass Pattern Lock On Any Android Device

    Posted by Oscar Frank in Android. Last Updated: September 12, 2013

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    It can really be annoying when you are locked out of your android smartphone simply because you tried the wrong patterns severally. When this happens, you can no longer access anything on your smartphone but receive incoming calls. Never worry, there are a number of ways to bypass the pattern lock when you find yourself in such a situation, and I’ll explain them in details.

    Using GMail

    If the wrong pattern has been entered 5 times on an android device, you are presented with a screen that prompts you to wait for 30 secs before trying another pattern, hit Forget Pattern, and you would be prompted to input your Gmail details, and if you still can remember it, then your smartphone or Android OS driven device can be easily unlocked.

    Type in your GMail credentials. If it’s entered correctly, you’ll get a prompt to draw a new pattern for your lock and Viola, your android device would be unlocked.

    Using CMD

    For this method to work for you, your USB debugging must be turned on in your smartphone.

    Method 1:

    Method 2

    If you tried the above pattern and it doesn’t work for you, then you have to follow the same procedure as above, but using this set of code.

    Your android device would successfully be unlocked. If you were not able to go through this method, then the below is your last resort.

    Resetting The Smart Device

    This is the last solution on this list because most people would not love to loose whatever they had stored on their smartphones internal memory. But when you could not get any of the above stated procedures to work for you, you have to resort to this method.

    All you need do is hard reset your android device’s memory, this would wipe all apps including the Pattern Lock and leave your phone free from the lockout.

    Most Android Devices are Reset By Pressing Switch Button + Volume Key + Home Key

    Follow the options and erase all data. Hurray, your android device would be free from the pattern lockout.

    I hope this helps.

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    21 Responses to “Locked Out? How To Bypass Pattern Lock On Any Android Device”

  • Etie Daniel says:

    Wow! Dint know about the cmd options… Thanks alot Mr Oscar for sharing this

  • Joe Hart says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome hack.Much appreciated.Cheers.

  • israel says:

    Thanks for this information Oscar,but i cant still unlock my phone with those methods because i cant debug my phone,because every option is locked.
    please what the solution to this?

  • kbabs says:

    Good of you….but can’t still root my iNote beyond

  • kbabs says:

    I was unable to root my itel Android phone, is an inote beyond type. Version 2.3.5

  • Emmanuel says:

    How to unlock my itel 1305 andriod phones and i can’ t sign in with my google account

  • Prosper says:

    Thanks, Oscar. I use LEADDER with android 2.2 and i have tried the first two methods and it does not worked for me

  • paul says:

    My inote mini won’t reset even after following the last option.

  • Jbross says:

    I could not find factory rest in my itel 1605 when I try the hand rest.

  • samuel sarfo says:

    have tried all the methods for my itel i note buts its not workingg…please help

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