As technology keeps integrating itself to our lives every day, fresh applications are coming out to make sure everything we do is more accessible and secure, including recreational stuff that we love to indulge in once in a while. And as you know, not everyone fancies indoor recreation, sometimes we just want to have some fun outside the house. To make it an enjoyable experience outside the comfort of your home, check out our list of Best Apps To Optimize Outdoor Recreation:

1. The Outbound

This app claims to be the world’s best adventure travel guide. It offers a huge database about outdoor adventures and stories all over the world. The Outbound gives you detailed instructions to several outdoor activities which include hikes, bike rides and so on. It also allows you to share your personal stories and experiences from those adventures. This year, it has started adding lodging and adventure-concentrated tours for users to enhance their experience. The app has more than 500,000 registered users as of now.

2. HipCamp

This app lets travelers book special camping experiences in less-traveled locations. It is seen as the “Airbnb of camping” and you can list your land and designated camping spots for users to rent them and spend the night. The “Landsharing” feature offers a fresh, less expensive way to move outside which aids users to make cool cash on unused land.

3. Peakfinder

apps to utilize outdoor recreationThis is a useful application for peak-baggers and mountaineers. Just choose anywhere and from there, this app will display the names and locations of all mountains and peaks within a 360-degree angle.

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The app possesses over 650,000 mountains and will function offline from any location. Users are allowed to use a compass too.

4. Cairn

This app makes outdoor recreation more secure for challenging adventurers who wish to reach dangerous places or go alone on expeditions. Its main function is its sharing of location and provision of live updates for friends and family members. You can download maps of the locations you will be traveling in so they things can be easy to monitor.

5. Chimani National Parks Guides

apps to utilize outdoor recreationNational Park sites are quite difficult to use and they can be tough to navigate. This app provides detailed instructions to more than 400 National Parks with curated content from local experts. The app also lets users monitor their visits and earn badges, view the most recent news for national parks, check GPS enabled maps without WiFi or data, and provide a discount club.

6. Roadtrippers

This app assists users to plan trips, save cash and check out new locations as you travel. With about 20 million active users, it is an optimized way to plan trips as you have access to content, stories, and suggestions to improve your journeys.

7. Yonder

apps to utilize outdoor recreationThis app is focused on connecting outdoor recreators with one another and offering a database for adventures.

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You can plan your next trip with it. Users will also be able to browse 20,000 possible destinations, keep lists of their preferred places, share posts, and link up with more recreators with identical interests.

8. Ski Tracks

You can record a full day of skiing without using any data or WiFi with this one. The app will monitor your elevation gains and losses, speed, duration e.t.c throughout each day of skiing. It is worth installing on your phone if you fancy outdoor recreation just the way it should be done.

9. Mountain Hub

This app tries to get rid of the need for a huge number of outdoor recreation applications, and, instead, it brings several ideas together to form one. This community-fueled application links both outdoor professionals and enthusiasts to share info about their adventures.

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The app also offers present condition updates from users, offline maps and instructions, plus an aggregate of knowledge from members of the outdoor recreation community.

10. Mountain Project

The app is for rock climbers. It was developed by REI and it is the largest global resource for locating places to climb. It breaks down hard and tough routes as well. You will be able to share their personal finds as you climb. Users are also provided with several materials like clips, pictures, textual info plus geo-locations for rock climbing.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of apps to optimize outdoor recreation. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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