Being able to stream media content directly from our devices, has been a lifesaver. It has eliminated the ambiguity that goes with streaming media content from our TVs, which is hooked up to cables, dishes and lots more. Being able to stream media content, means we would be able to watch our favorite shows, movies, and sports games, directly from any internet connected device we have in our possession. Being able to stream media content on the go, sounds nice, but knowing the right websites to seamlessly stream from is very sacrosanct. In this article, we explore a list of best sports streaming sites. Streaming sites featured in this article, allow users to seamless stream sports on the go. These sports streaming sites are listed below.


This is one of the most popular names in cable sport and the official ESPN website is the home of several features that aid watching of live streaming videos. You can locate all top sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and college sports, on ESPN’s official site. What is not on though, is every single game of sport. ESPN will only aid you to stream games you are legally allowed to, plus some game streams are even locked behind a paywall. There are a couple of premium games on 1. Games you can view with a valid cable or satellite television provider login. 2. The ones you can view if you sign up for ESPN’s streaming service.

Also, there are free sports available to you to watch without logging in or parting with cash for an additional subscription.

2. Facebook Watch

best sports streaming sites This is from Facebook. They came up with this to have a say in the video streaming market, and the social media giant did its very best to receive the rights to stream several sports. Facebook Watch lets you stream one MLB game every week during the regular season that you will be able to view without paying a dime as long as you have a Facebook account. Facebook users can also use the service to live stream sports from around the world.

3. Laola1

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This is a streaming site from Austria that also has an international English version. This means anyone outside Austria can take full advantage of it anyhow he or she pleases. The site does not block regions, so every sports fan can view games worldwide. If you want a dope site to watch sports that are not available in some countries, Laola1 can cater for it. Volleyball matches and table tennis are some sports others consider scarce, that you can view.

4. Reddit

best sports streaming sites If it is difficult to stream live sports via official sources, Reddit can come in to save the day. It aids users to create their own communities, named subreddits. You are also afforded the chance to locate the communities there that are dedicated to any kind of sport you wish to view. Be aware that Reddit does not actually host live sports streams, but visitors can post links to streams that they see on other websites.

Streaming site owners also get to post their links in the appropriate subreddits for whoever is interested. Please note that you can find terrible streams and dangerous websites on this platform but the community-driven aspect makes it safer than regular clicking of random links after searching.

5. Stream2Watch

This is a live sports streaming site that gets streams from several sites. Baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, basketball are the sports involved here. It is quite broad, and you will most likely locate what you seek. Expect to come across invasive and misleading pop up ads on the platform though, but not to worry, just ensure you have a dope ad blocker that can aid your safety.

6. SportRAR.TV

best sports streaming sites

This is another great option for sports streaming. One thing to note is that it gets videos from lots of sources. The interface is very simple to navigate so there is no difficulty that will arrive about that. All major sports are available. I’m talking about football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and golf.

As soon as you click any game you wish to view on SportRAR.TV, a fresh window will reveal itself with the game video. If the game refuses to play, search for a link that says More Links From This Match. If there are indeed more sources, you will be led to more options to view what you seek. Beware of invasive pop-ups ads on this one as well.

7. Bosscast

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Another massive alternative you can use for sports streaming purposes. Its coverage is pretty decent so, expect to locate the stream for anything you look for. Unlike other sports streaming sites though, Bosscast will need you to have a Flash. If you do not fancy the risks that come with a Flash, then see this as an option to go for when every other option fails.

8. Cricfree

best sports streaming sites This site will only give you a few sports options on baseball, football, and soccer, but if you are a cricket lover, this is the ideal one to go for. It offers embedded videos that are hosted elsewhere, so you have to be careful of invasive pop-up ads even when an ad-blocker installed on your device.

9. AllSport Live

best sports streaming sites

It is a suitable free online sports streaming site. This platform has been here for a long time so they are no newbie in this game. It provides you with all the game links so you can view any game you want to watch, effortlessly.

It is quite popular and can be enjoyed in several languages. Simply start streaming without any registration or signing up.

10. FromHot

best sports streaming sites

One of the best sports streaming sites around. You are able to watch sports like the almighty football, basketball, baseball, golf and so on. The site is quite tidy and simple to use. Users get to check all the sports that are available for zero charges. It lets you set the time zone up if that is an option you look out for. They also offer you the list of live sports currently happening around the globe while you live stream something else. There is also a chat widget to spice things up.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best sports streaming sites. As already mentioned, sports streaming sites mentioned in this article are highly recommended. You are assured of seamless streaming of your favorite sports games.


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