Jailbreaking iPhone – What it Means and Why You should Do it

what is iphone jailbreak and why yo should jailbreak iphone

If you really wish to enjoy your iPhone / iPad / iPod, you must have started thinking of Jailbreaking your iOS smartphone. Just like the symbian platform, without hacking it, you won’t be able to enjoy some hidden feature like using applications from developers which are not certified by Nokia, thus you can start enjoying more features. So, if you wish to enjoy the features which you wouldn’t have with a simple iPhone, you should think of Jailbreaking your iPhone. Let me outline 10 reason why you should come out of Apple’s prison and remove limitations imposed by Apple on your device. This is similar to Android Rooting and Symbian Hacking.

1. Multitasking – run more than one application simultaneously
Jailbreaking your iPhone / iPad can give you the ability to multitask in your Smartphone. You would be able to different applications at the same time and also be able to switch between them.

2. Unlock your Device to use different Network Carrires
After you Jailbreak your iPhone/ iPad / iPod, you would be able to unlock your device to different networks carriers, since Apple locked their smartphones to at &t.

3. Customize your device to your Test!
You can customize or change your native icons, add more functions to your iOS, and you enjoy a better experience.

4. Install and run cracked games and applications
You would be able to run cracked applications and games. But, I do not encourage this, since it is against the application developers.

5. Gain root access on your device!
You would be able to access the program folders. Imagine how greatly this can be of help. Remember the days of the symbian and Windows phones, because of this functions you can change your startup splash (boot screen), change the boot sound and more.

6. Unlimited ringtones and themes for your iOS!
You would be open to make use of free themes and ringtones outside that of Apples. Third party themes and ringtones are now allowed after you Jailbreak.

7. SBSettings on the Apple Device.
Jailbroken iPhone can have short cut keys to acces most functions. For instance, to turn off your 3G, you need to go through series of taps to reach where to turn off 3G. But after you Jailbreak your iPhone, you can just hold down your Home key and all the most used settings pop up. Isn’t this great?

8. Be free from the iTunes prison
You can now install a game that another iPhone smartphone device user downloaded just by copying it from the user instead of going to iTunes to download it.

9. Install banned and unapproved apps
Some applications can never be accepted by Apple, but after Jailbreaking your device, you would be able to install them on your iPhones.

10. It is legal to jailbreak your iPhone!
Jailbreaking your iOS isn’t illegal in any way since there is no law against that.

Start Jailbreaking your Apple Smartphones and devices today and have a feel of freedom. Any more to this, tell us through the comment box.



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