For SEO purposes, Alexa ranking is worthless. But if you wish to earn some cool money with your blog from advertisers, then you should start considering increasing your Alexa Rank. I must have to tell you that Alexa Ranking has nothing to do or affect your blog traffic, but incase you do not know what this Alexa Rank is all about, lemme explain.

how to increase improve boost your alexa ranking

What is Alexa Rank is a web company that ranks websites and blogs basedΒ on their traffic and some other factors.
Now, this leaves us to the question. “How is Alexa Rank Measured?” so that you can work on the factors to increase your rank.

How is Alexa Rank Measured?

This is where you might get suprised at. Alexa ranks websites or blogs based on how many of the visitors to your blog have there alexa toolbar installed on their browser. This means that Alexa is not a true platform to determine blog traffic. For instance, if you run a forum where your visitors are all mobile users and you get over 10,000 page vies daily, while another guy runs a blog with 1000 daily page views and all his visitors use Alexa toolbar, the blog would be ranked higher on Alexa than your forum. Now you see why I said Alexa is not a true measure of a sites traffic?

10 Steps To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Here are the Ways you can increase your Alexa rankΒ in order to get good money from advertisers since they consider Alexa as a factor before paying for adverts.

Step #1: Install Alexa Toolbar
Just as a said earlier in this post, your Alexa rank is determined by how many visitors to your blog have their toolbar installed on their web browsers. In order to increase your Alexa Rank, install their toolbar on your Web Browser, set your blog as homepage. You can even ask your friends to help you do that. It would help to boost your ranking.

Step #2: Install Alexa Widget on your site
Adding their widget to your blog would go a long way in boosting your Alexa rank because clicks to their site from this widget is been counted as traffic also.

Step #3: Claim your Site
Register wiith, claim your site as this would help you to add information about the blog/website and would build peoples trust on the blog thus retaining your visitors would be guaranteed.

Step #4: Write a Review about Alexa
Make a review about Alexa, Write something about them on your blog and link back to them. It would improve your Alexa Rank.

Step #5: Ask your Visitors to Review your Blog on Alexa
Ask friends and your blog readers to make positive reviews and rating of your blog on Alexa. It also helps increase your Alexa Rank.

Step #6: Build Backlinks
The more backlinks, the better your alexa rank, so you need to work on your backlinking strategies.

Step #7: Update your Blog Regularly
Fresh content attracts returning readers. As long as people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers keep coming back to your blog, it would go a long way in boosting your Alexa Rank.

Step #8: Promote Your Blog on Social Networks
Social Media is a great place to get traffic to your blog, promote your blog here because most people would have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, this would help increase your Alexa Rank.

Step #9: Make your Blog Appealing to Fellow Bloggers
Write helpful Tech and Blogging tips which can attract fellow bloggers, because most if not all bloggers have Alexa Toolbars installed on their browsers

Step #10: Write Quality Content
Remember, Content is King. Quality content would not only increase your ranking on search engines, but also get you more traffic. The higher your traffic, the higher the chances of getting visitors who use the Alexa Toolbar.

This are the various ways how in increase my Alexa Rank and they work for me. You could leave other suggestions if you wish.


    • I just checked your alexa, quite impressive. But it ranks above 1000 in Nigeria, i guess u made a typo writing 200. These tips has helped my blog, I rank 69K worldwide and about 400 in Nigeria.

      • Yea,i actually made a typo erro,i meant to say less than 200,000 wordwide and less than2000 in nigeria
        I currently rank 1,088 in nigeria,and 152,767 wordwide..i think the main factor is getting good traffic cos i oserved that as traffic is increasing,alexa is improving

  1. Nice tips….i’m having problem on installing the toolbar in moxilla firefox….i want to go to a cafe and talk to the owner to let me install my toolbar in each computer in the cafe……Thats the strategy i want to use…i hope it works

    • I get you. But it would only boost your blog if after installing the Toolbar on the various PCs, you then set your blog as the homepage URL, so that whenever their browsers are launched, your blog would be the first to load. It would surely boost your Alexa Rank. I hope he accepts, but try building your traffic rather than depend on such a trick. lol.

  2. nice post oscar alexa ranking is an important factor that advertisers put into consideration before contacting a blog owner for an advert space

  3. I totally agree with all those methods except one.
    Do you really think featuring Alexa with a post can help? I don’t think so. Because it’s just a matter of bots analyzing the traffic , back links and frequency of the blog updates.

    What do you say?

    • Of course Amal, though it doesn’t play an important role, but if you write about Alexa, people tend to read more about it and thus improves the probability of people using the toolbar to visit the blog. I guess you understand.

    • It sure is not accurate in relation to ones traffic, but is also proportional to your traffic. I guess it’s complicated, but it’s a standard measure by advertisers and should also be considered.

  4. hi there oscar and to the guest writer (whoever she/he was). thanks for sharing about installing alexa widget because i have no idea about that. i am using an alexa toolbar which is perhaps the reason why my alexa rank increases slowly but surely. i will surely bookmark your site πŸ™‚

  5. Though Alexa is not correct but still it is very important and used to rank a website’s authority.
    Nice tips to increase Alexa ranking. Most important is update blog regularly and get regular traffic to site. Alexa will decrease automatically.


  6. I read somewhere else, Installing Alexa toolbar and Writing a review about Alexa does not increase ranking ! That is only rumor. I am confused now, what is true or what is false?

    Anybody here can give me an actual answer of it?

  7. Great suggestions Oscar.

    I am working now to boost my alexa rank….a little bit at a time, of course, but the practical tips will help you increase your AR quite steadily.


  8. Good tips Oscar,
    Regular content updates and building back links from top blogs sure it can increase your blog alexa thanks for sharing with us πŸ™‚

  9. Hello Oscar,

    Great share.!

    wonderful tips for increase alexa Ranking. “Ask your Visitors to Review your Blog on Alexa” i think this is the main factor is work on alexa . Btw! thanks for writing ans sharing with us πŸ™‚

    stay updated and stay rocking πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


  10. Hi Oscar,
    Great tips you have here, but I dont believe most of these tips work except Updating your blog regularly and publishing unique content.
    Everything i am doing with my blog is directly contrary to all the tips here, but my Alexa rank is improving by the day. i am currently on 70K without even ever verifying my blog on alexa. Like i said earlier, I believe Updating your blog regularly and publishing unique content works but not others.

    • I’m glad you use the same exact strategies and they do work for you. It simply confirms the authenticity of this article. Thanks for letting us know your experience Nirmala.

  11. Too good!

    I always experienced problems with my Alexa rank as I had it around 16,000,000….

    Now, after putting in little efforts……. I got it to 2,000,000……

    Small but great success.

  12. Hi Oscar,

    This a really great way of improving alexa ranking and you couldn’t have explained it better. I trip for this amazing explanation and expatiation. Nice one bossest! πŸ™‚



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