Every blogger is in search of ways to promoting and building a successful blog.  The only difference between a successful blogger and the unsuccessful one are these simply tips which I would be explaining in this post today.
guide to building a successful blog

How To Build A Successful Blog

  1. Choice of Blogging Platform – There are lots of blogging platforms out there, but making the right choice would go a long way in the task of building a successful blog. There are two cool and popular platforms which I can  recommend, viz; Blogger and WordPress, but a self hosted WordPress would do you good.
  2. Make a List of Blog Post Ideas Ahead of Time – Without this, you would run out of blogging ideas in no time. Making a list of topics ahead of time will help you make research on the topic and when you need to write the post, it will come out natural. This would also help keep your blogging consistency.
  3. Keywords Usage in Your Blog Posts – When writing article, it is recommended you write with keywords which are mostly searched terms, but do not go for the highly competitive keywords as their are lots of people out there already. You can make use of the Google AdWords Keyword Tool for keywords analysis.
  4. Keep Your Posts Short and Interesting – From experience,short and interesting posts tend to get a social share. Writing a lengthy post can get your bored, you only make long posts when there are no alternatives.
  5. Use Images in Your Blog Posts – One thing is, people tend to get attracted to images. Utilize this strategy by adding images to your blog posts. I would definitely keep returning traffic to your blog. If done otherwise, you would loose out traffic on the long run.
  6. Use Bullet Points in Longer Posts – Use the point bullets to break down lengthy articles as this would keep your post attractive to the look of your readers. It also tends to arrange your post in an organised manner.
  7. Proofread Your Posts Before Publishing – This is very necessary as first impression is what matters. A blog post with lots of typos would scare away your readers and more-so won’t get you ranking on Search Engines as the keywords typed will be mostly wrong. Try as much as possible to always proofread your blog post before you publish them.
  8. Consistency in Posting Schedule – Develop a posting consistency pattern for your blog. It can be daily, in two days interval or even one post a week. This is strongly influenced by your Niche. A tech blog needs to be updated with more posts daily unlike a Blogging Tips blog which can be once a day.
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  9. SEO – Try to optimize your blog for Search Engines, if you won’t be able to read SEO Tips and implement them yourself, then pay someone to help you do it.
  10. Promote Your Blog and Posts – There are several ways to promote your blog, join blogging groups, promote your blog on forum, make guest post on other peoples blogs, leave relevant comments on other authority blogs. These would go a long way in promoting and building a successful blog.
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Now, you can start out and build a successful blog with these tips. I hope you found this article interesting, feel free to ask questions using the comment box, or add your tips to.


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