Let me ask you a simple question, “How do you promote your blog“? No matter how good you are in writing, without you learning how to promote your blog in order to get readership, then all your blogging activities would be a waste of time. This article would teach you the best ways and places you should promote your blog.
ways and places to promote my blog for free

  1. Email Signature: This is quite a unique way to promote your blog, simply add a signature with your blog link so that whenever you send an email to a client, customer or whosoever, they get to see a link to your blog. You may not know how far this goes in advertising your blog. It sure does help.
  2. Email Newsletters: Venture into newsletters, set up a form where people signup with their emails. Send them snippets of your recent articles with a link to your web blog so they can read the full post on your blog.
  3. Comments: This goes a long way in promoting your blog for free. Make comments on other blogs in your Niche, this helps you in gaining relevant backlinks also, thus improving your PageRank (PR).
  4. Guest Post: This is one of the most overlooked aspect. Most bloggers ignore the power of Guest Posting, making guest posts on authority sites in your Niche can help grab peoples attention to your blog. Simply give it a try.
  5. Facebook: Facebook is a social network with over 1 billion users, imagine the possibilities of getting lots of traffic here. Join blogging groups, interact with other bloggers and you won’t regret you did. Facebook has lot’s of potential and is my top second source of traffic after Search Engines.
  6. Twitter: A micro blogging platform. Right usage of the hash # tags can grab others attention for you. Register on twitter if you havn’t done that already, remember to add your blog URL to your profile.
  7. LinkedIn: For business Niche bloggers, there are lots of groups on this social network to promote your blog. You can give a try anyway.
  8. Pinterest: A visual social network that can drive crazy traffic to your blog once you can get repins of your blog post. Use funny or catchy images to encourage repins of your boards.
  9. Syndication: Visit niche related forums with high traffic, be active their, then you can post part of your blog content with a Read More Link back to your blog. This helps a lot in Promoting your blog.
  10. Blogger Groups and Forums: Search for blogger groups and forums. Answer relevant questions and you will in no time be considered an authority in your field and who knows, others can start linking to your blog.

I hope these great ways of promoting your blog were quite helpful? Use the comment to let us know of other ways you make use of.


  1. Nice write up… Though i’m getting most of my site traffic from twitter using justretweet and others app by twitter…… Thumbs up for your info i will also make use of them

  2. Nice tips but I have tried that facebook and twitter n forums tips too. Likewise commenting but my traffic is still at 100+ in 24hrs. Please I want ask do facebook page likes Ads help in traffic building?


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