Since the acquisition of one of world’s most popular instant messaging app – WhatsApp by Facebook, there has been various adjustment and from the look of things we may even be seeing more of such. The first move by Facebook after acquiring WhatsApp was to to cancel the annual subscription fee paid by WhatsApp users.

The latest in this series of changes is that WhatsApp just got a minor update that many users would be happy about. WhatsApp has now updated its app to support more than 100 members within a group. The app now allows for up to 256 members to be added to a WhatsApp group. And while casual users will be happy, there are others who would be
happy with this news as well.

Whatsapp increase group members from 100 to 256

Seems like WhatsApp is giving its users (or group admins) more reasons to stick around on its platform. While this is not a big deal for many (apart from the fact that group conversations will now get more meaningless), there is this other group of people that are currently using WhatsApp as a platform to run their business.

It’s no news that group administrators on WhatsApp have a habit of selling things via their groups so getting additional 156 members to join may be a good opportunity to make money. On the contrary however, since Facebook are trying to make money with WhatsApp, the increase may be a sign that creating groups on WhatsApp may now attract something in return. This is just my feeling.

So tell us, are you happy about this?



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