iPhone 7
It’s no longer news that the Apple iPhone s6 will surely be going off the throne as “latest iPhone” as Apple plans to launch the new iPhone 7 in September. Since the revelation by Apple, many rumours have emerged as regards what the new iPhone 7 will look like. The latest is that Apple plans to mimic the  Sony Xperia Z3+ which was launched  back in 2015 at the MWC Barcelona.

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According to FastCompany, Apple will be building a slimmer iPhone 7 and will cull the 3.5mm jack to achieve the same. But there’s more on that.

The source confirmed that the Lightning port on the iPhone will be hot-wired for sound output to wired headphones. Bluetooth headphones will also be an option. Apple is reportedly working with its long-term audio chip partner Cirrus Logic to achieve the above. Also, the audio system will utilise a new noise-canceling technology from Wolfston Microelectronics UK. The same will be partially installed in the iPhone, while the remainder will work from the headphones (EarPods). Also Apple (as always) will be minting some money by licensing the audio processing technology to accessory makers.

This is all we know for now. Stay tuned as we await the release of the iPhone 7 in September.



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