It’s no news that Giant social media network Facebook purchased the Instant Messaging app WhatsApp for a whooping $16 billion (actually $19b in total). That’s really huge. For fun, we decided to share with you other things that Facebook would have done with the 16 billion dollars. Check the list below

facebook and whatsapp

1. The Total GDP of 25 Countries.

2. The amount can pay off debt of over 500,000 students worldwide.

3. $16b is enough cash to purchase 17 homes for each and every US citizen.

4. Would have bough 381 tons of Gold Bullion

5. 32 Hawaiian Islands.

6. A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for all Facebook employees

7. Enough to Finance 6 Annual budgets of Detroit city

8. Purchased the entire Facebook initial public offering

9. Enough to build 4 times of the World Trade Center

10. Can Purchase 13 NFL Teams.

11. Could have made 300 people as wealthy as Beyonce

12.  Started an Airline with a fleet of the latest Boeing 747s

13. Could have bought India’s largest bank SBI with its 13,000 branch network, including 10 branches in Amethi which Rahul Gandhi inaugurated yesterday.

14. India been a cricket crazy country, the entire cricket league (IPL is valued at $4 billion) with stadiums can be bought over.

15. The UN’s AID yearly budget is $13 billion dollars

16. 12.6 Billion Hot Dogs. 🙂

17. Facebook’s top executives Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, David Ebersman, and Mike Schroepfer would look pretty stylish cruising the San Francisco Bay in four Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers ($4.5 billion each).

18. 879,604 brand-new Honda Civics (base)

19. 25 1/2 world’s most expensive yachts

20. 16 Instagrams

What do you think? 🙂 Let’s have your contributions on other things you think they could have purchased. Remember, this is fun, don’t just go away without leaving your comment.

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  1. Wow!. Nice List. But Somehow I Dont Think That Amount Is Too Big(Considering The Amount Facebook Is Worth)

    But That Amount Of Money Could Have COMPLETELY Saved Over 5Million Nigerians From Poverty!

    • “That Amount Of Money Could Have COMPLETELY Saved Over 5Million Nigerians From Poverty!” ?? what is Dangote doing about Nigeria poverty..

      hello oscar what a nice and funny list you here, but to me i think the buying of whats app for for business purposes, and not as a showoff, lets just wait and i wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow and see advert now displaying on whatsapp..

      • What has dangote done about poverty in nigeria???

        Is it dangote’s duty to eradicate poverty in nigeria??. What is your government currently doing about povery?.

        Although i cant dispute the fact that nigeria’s ‘RICH MEN’ are stingy and ‘SELF CENTERED’ , i still feel government should do more for the people rather than depend on the private sector to eradicate poverty!

  2. hmm i think the money could be use to give a every child in nigeria free education for a decade and also help finance our budget for the next five years.

  3. I won’t blame them for buying whatsapp at that huge amount because they have considered the benefits they will gain from whatsapp.

  4. These guys are playing with money cant they consider of Africa cant they see how we languish in poverty hey…God have mercy..$19 000 000 000 000 for whatsapp??

  5. Hello Oscar,
    What facebook did was simply strategy. They did not buy whatsapp because of showoff, they bought that awesome platform because of what the app holds (in future terms). The app is brilliant and i don’t see how mark won’t make his money back.
    Thanks for the list though… Do have a honest week ahead…

  6. why should save you from proverty, ability e no get generation??? he stated small so go and start your life. cos if dangote gives you 5million now. you will miss use it. because you dont have bizness ideas. pls plan your life, afterall dangote was poor.

  7. That’s why I said its A total waste of money.

    I like
    11. Could have made 300 people as wealthy as Beyonce and
    16. 12.6 Billion Hot Dogs.

    They make sense die.



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