It’s no news that when you send a file via bluetooth to a symbian phone it goes straight to the inbox as a message, today FlowingTech brings a solution to this problem.

Yes you can send apps, music, pix etc via bluetoot and it goes to a folder just likd a java, androind phones and the rest of them.

Introducing to you BTreciever.
Download Bluetooth Reciever Now

BTreciever is an application that helps symbian users recieve files to any directory they desire, this application is more or less a file manager. But before you can use this app your phone must be h@cked.

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This application will enable you to directly placed the file where you want it to be instead of entering your phone as a mesage. When you want to transfer anything through Bluetooth just goto installation and click on the application it will open your bluetooth automatic. It will ask you to receive a file through Bluetooth and when you press yes it will ask you where to save the files i.e on C or E on your symbian phone.

Phones That Support BTreciever
s60v3 like Nokia 5320 XpressMusic, Nokia 5630 XpressMusic,Nokia 5730 XpressMusic,Nokia 6210 Navigator,Nokia 6220 Classic,Nokia 6650,Nokia 6700 slide,Nokia 6710 Navigator,Nokia 6720 classic,Nokia 6730 Classic,Nokia 6730 Classic,Nokia 6760 slide,Nokia 6788 & Nokia 6788i,Nokia 6790 slide,Nokia 6790 Surge,Nokia C5-00,Nokia C5-01,Nokia E5-00,Nokia E52, Nokia E55,Nokia E71x (AT&T),Nokia E72,Nokia E73 Mode,Nokia E75,Nokia E75 US+LTA variant,Nokia N78,NokiaN79,Nokia N85,Nokia N86 8MP,Nokia N96 & N96-3,Nokia X5-00,Nokia X5-01
And lots more not metioned here.


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