Google Family Link is a parental control application for users who have children. The Android app was unveiled some years ago, but it became a part of stock Android starting with Android 10. The app is still required to use it, however, you can access the options straight from the Settings menu. In this article, you will learn how to set up Google Family Link

How To Set Up Google Family Link

You will have a reasonable level of control over child devices with this application and it comes with several options for the management of your kids’ device usage. This article will let you know how you can set it up and how to explore its several features.

How Can I Set Up Google Family Link?

Setting Family Link is quite difficult, but nothing too hard. Before we begin, ensure the pre-requisites below are met. Else, you will have problems.

1. Your kid needs his or her own Google account. You have to sign up on their behalf for them to use Family Link.

2. Your kid’s Google account has to be a part of your family network. If this is done ahead of time, Family Link will enforce you to make it happen during set-up and it is simpler to do it beforehand.

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3. Lastly, your kid’s Google account must be the only one on the kid’s phone. Family Link will get rid of other Google accounts during set-up.

Now that is over with, we will expatiate on the step-by-step process. Because this needs input on 2 different devices, we will touch on which device every step requires. If it says Parent Device, the step must be done on your device and also for the kid’s device.

 The 2 devices
Get the Google Family Link for parents application downloaded on the parent device and the Google Family Link for children & teens application downloaded on the kid’s device. They are 2 different applications.

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 Parent device
Launch the Link application and tap Next to move past the opening screens. Choose your Google account if you are prompted.

 Parent device
Choose your kid’s Google account as the account you wish to monitor.

 Parent device
The application will ask you to get your kid’s device. Tap Next here and a link code should be visible.

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 Child device
Launch the Family Link application and choose “This Device.”

Child device
Choose the kid’s Google account.

 The 2 devices
The kid device will prompt you for the link code from the Parent Device. Type in the link code from the Parent Device into the kid device.

 Child device
Type in your kid’s Google account email for verification if asked.

There are 2 potential things that can occur at this point. If you made your kid’s account part of your Google Family before now, continue with this article. If you did not, Family Link will stop you and make you add the kid’s account to your Google Family before letting you proceed.

Parent device
Tap Next until the application tells you to finish setup on the Child Device.

 Child device
Here, the app will ask for lots of permissions. Just continue tapping Next to allow every one of them.

 Child device
Give the kid’s device a name when prompted.

 Child device
The application will then ask which application you want your kid to have access to. Deny or accept the ones you fancy and tap Next.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to setup Google family link. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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