I’m sorry I had to bring this late, probably many of you might have heard about it, but for those whome havn’t heard about this, we are still in the period of MTN Suprise and it’s really been fun all these while.

MTN 4.5GB For #2500

What’s New?

MTN has come up with a new data plan that gives you 4.5GB for #2500, where are those android users? I hope you’ll take advantage of this.

Some People say this plan is the normal MTN night plan but NO it isn’t. Let’s see why.

  • This plan allows you to use 1.5GB during the day, while from 9:00pm to 6am, the data charges automatically switches to that of 3GB. While for the normal Night plan, you must first consume your bonus 1.5GB during the day or night before MTN will start charging you from the default 3GB.
  • The activation code for the two varies as you activate this plan with 120 and the MTN Nigth plan with 102.

Which Device Supports This New Plan?

This new plan works on every device, be it android or pc, and it also has that same speed of light that give you a wonderful browsing experience.

How Can I Activate This New Plan

Just recharge #2500 worth of airtime on your MTN sim, then simply send 120 to 131, your airtime credit will be deducted, and you’re good to go.

I guess this one is gonna make android users happy, check it out, it’s as fast as the speed of light too.


    • Hello Nathaniel,
      It’s the first time I’m seeing you on my blog, and I hope you are having a great time around.
      Sure this plan is very economical, and every person should go for it, especially those android users that always complain about their android device eating up their data.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Thanks Mr. Larry.
    I tried this on Blackberry,though i got the Megabytes but,it did not work until i tried it on my Brother’s Android and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

  2. Hi Larry,
    It’s a wonderful one from MTN and l will be going for it on my smart phone.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    FTB Rocks 🙂


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