Most bloggers think that after writing a blog post, the work all ends when you hit the publish button. But there is more to writing and publishing an article than you know. Firstly, as there are various things you need to do before you publish a post, so there are also important factors you need to consider and must do if you publish a blog post in order to gain traffic and readership to the article in question. I guess you would not love to write a wonderful blog post and have it sit on your blog with no one reading through it. If you would love to know what these things are, then read on. But if not you can kindly hit the red X key above you (Just Kidding).

things you must do after you publish a post

Thing To Do After Publishing A Post

Point #1: Submit The Post To Search Engines

This is one important fact most people overlook that can land a huge blow on their faces. How would your newly written post gain exposure if it is not been listed on search engines. I know it is quite difficult ranking a new post, but who knows what algorithm would rank the article. I have experience where a 2 day article on my blog ranked in the first three result on first page for a keyword, so for benefit of doubt, it is necessary you submit your blog to search engines for faster indexing and chances of getting search engine traffic. One nice aspect I love about the major blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress is that they send pings to search engines whenever you create new articles. For WordPress users, you can easily send install the XML sitemap plugins so search engine bot can crawl your blog easily.

Point #2: Promote Your Blog On Social Media

Social Media as I know is the next SEO. Really funny right ? Well, after search engines, the next place to get traffic and exposure from experience is the Social Media. Any time you add new content to your blog, try as much as you can to add it up to your social media stream, some channels you should consider would include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The truth I would tell you about this aspect is, no social media site is a waste of time. Promote your blog wherever you find the opportunity to do so.

Point 3: Let Your Subscribers Know

This is one other fact that should not be overlooked. As I wrote in an article in my series of how I gain traffic to my blog without Google, I noted it down that Email Marketing plays a huge role in achieving such success. You can create a list, build it up and whenever you make a new wonderful article, you let them know about it. One thing they would not love is you use this medium to spam them, simply keep it cool and make sure your mail subject lines have compelling titles that would have to open and read your content.

Point 4: Submit Your Article To Social Bookmarking Sites

This plays a major role in your content because it would give your blog more strength and authoritative look in order to rank higher in search engine results. If you publish your blog articles, try as much as you can to make use of social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and others. This is one nice aspect because search engines respect backlinks from those sites.

Extra: Build Backlinks

Backlinks are the major drivers to rank higher in search engines, building backlinks to your articles is a great way to gain more traffic. make sure things grow naturally rather than building links suspiciously and incurring a ban on your blog.

Conclusively, whenever you write and publish a new blog post, make sure you abide by the above rules and you will in a short while have a healthy and popular blog.

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  1. I totally agree with your first point, you should let search engines know about what you have published and may be you get to see your blog on the first page.

  2. Simple and powerful tips Oscar! I am big on bookmarking; what better way to get your site out there quickly. Keep creating and marketing to grow your blog traffic.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hello Oscar,

    Thank you for the nice tips about promoting blog post after hiting Publish button.
    It is very important to know that writing a post and hitting publish button will not only take the post to new level. There are many things to do after hiting ‘Publish’ button.

    Totally agreed with all the point you’ve shared ! Keep writing such article.

  4. Oscar, the tips you’ve mentioned are all very much necessary when you publish your post. Social Media can bring in a lot of engagement and intimating readers about the new post only works when you have good subscriber base.

  5. Good post about promoting posts. I’m also much concerned about sufficient promotion once I hit publish buttons. Glad to find that I’m doing great 🙂

    The title of your #1 point is much misleading. It first alerted me if I am missing something. I’d never submitted my post to search engines and also do not know any method to submit posts to search engines 😀 However the paragraph under the title explains it well.

  6. Well, I agree with all the information stated here. I think blog posts are the bloodline that keeps the websites and blogs generates traffic. So, it is really important that you need to make sure that your contents or blog posts are in place before hitting the button! 🙂

  7. Hey Oscar,
    You shared top most ways to promote the blog posts.
    Social Bookmarking is worth doing to increase indexing rate and also we get quality backlinks from there.
    I like to share my content on social media site which gives me best referral traffic and social likes which affect my rankings in search results.

    Super cool tips here 😀

  8. Agree with your concepts to do after publishing the new post.

    But what happened to the ping sites?

    It is more important to use the ping sites to tell the search engines that you’ve got a new post.

    After that you should update the G+ and Facebook Fan page.

    Then come your suggested ways. What do you say?

  9. Hey Oscar,

    Wonderful list of what to do after publishing a post. I’m already doing 3 of them. I don’t send the URL to the search engines though. I just allow it to crawl and index it naturally.

  10. Great suggestions, another way you can promote a newly published post is by suggesting it on content curation sites like, bizsugar etc. i find these sites great in promoting a newly published post. Thanks for sharing,, keep sharing the nice stuffs.

  11. HI Oscar,

    Thanks for this detailed masterpiece, Couldn’t agree more.

    I have friend, who runs a blog where he shares great and fantastic poems. He is truly gifted but he has never followed any of this points and the last time I spoke with him, I told him about this but he never showed to me he was gonna make an ammendment. Well, I’d tried my best to help him as i sent some of my ebooks to him.

    Aha.. I love your point on “Submitting the post to search engines” I didn’t know that, I only submit my blog to search engines not my posts. I will start trying that and i’m sure it will work, if it works for you.

    Thanks for sharing this great post with us boss, you’re the best!

    Do have a great weekend 🙂

    • Hi Sam,
      It’s an honor to know this article went a long way in improving your perspective concerning blogging. I hope you visit and leave such thoughtful comments here. Do have a nice day ahead. 🙂


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