Your apps can be bad for you sometimes. They can aid you to waste your time, your battery and your data in ways you cannot even imagine. Therefore, if you have an app that monitors you, affects your mental health or pretends to give a damn about your privacy but fails to do just that, you can get rid of them right now and you will not regret a thing. To help you know some of these erring apps, check out our list of 5 Apps You Should Delete from Your Phone Right Now:

1. Angry Birds

apps you should delete from your phoneA developer from Finland, Rovio Entertainment launched this app 10 years ago. It became a monster hit but then things went downhill from there. It all started when a whistleblower said Angry birds was stealing a lot of data from its users. It was noise at first until the news broke that the U.S. National Security Agency and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters were indeed collecting and transmitting personal data about the gamers. It turned out that an advert platform in Angry Birds’ code allowed the company to target its users with ads. Fortunately for these users, the advert data was totally visible. The coders behind it now say things are safe with the app now but it is wise to stay away.

2. GasBuddy

Sadly, useful and practical applications pose a massive threat to your personal data security. This app is supposed to save you some decent money at the pump by allowing you to compare prices at gas stations closeby — anywhere you are. However, this also means the app is gathering a huge amount of location data to make those phone calls.

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To make things more suspicious, the app altered its privacy policy recently so it can now monitor your geolocation wherever you go. You do not want to expose yourself by having it on your phone.

3. IPVanish VPN

apps you should delete from your phoneVirtual private networks have been existing since 1996 but they became really popular over the last decade. Its aim is to hide your internet activity and offer online privacy and anonymity by creating a private internet network from a public connection.

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They keep your internet protocol (IP) location hidden, making it totally impossible to track you. You can make it seem like you are browsing from London when you are really in Ghana. However, several VPN apps are far from safe and IPVanish VPN is one of them. It only gets promoted by those that want to benefit from its rich affiliate program. Just last year, IPVanish was reported to be logging user’s data and giving it to American authorities. Since their secret was revealed, users have found it hard to trust it, so it is best to steer clear.

4. Facebook

This should not shock you, however, if you had no idea before, Facebook is also an app you should stay away from. Like Instagram and Twitter, Facebook users also use up too much time which can cause anxiety or depression, according to research.

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Its cybersecurity problems are also worrisome. 2018’s Cambridge Analytica saga resulted in eighty-seven compromised profiles, whose data were violated in a huge data leak that caused a U.S. Federal Trade Commission probe. Facebook does not just keep having data breaches, the social network also preys on your data for advertising purposes. Run far away.

5. Infected Android Apps

apps you should delete from your phoneStill, on the topic of apps you should delete from your phone. Do you know anything about Joker Malware? ell, it exists and it is bad news. In September alone, 2 Android applications have been compromised with the malware, which registers for subscription services without you knowing. This can make you lose lots of money if you do not check your bank and credit card statements regularly. Immediately the malware was discovered, Google took the affected apps out of the Play Store, however, if you have already bought or installed one of the affected apps, you must uninstall them asap and check your bank and credit card statements to detect the fraud. Some of the apps that have been compromised are, Advocate Wallpaper, Age Face, Altar Message, Antivirus Security, Security ScanBeach, CameraBoard picture editing, Certain Wallpaper, Climate SMS and so on.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of apps you should delete from your phone right now. If you have information on other apps that are worth deleting, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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