As a blogger, one of your greatest tools of promoting your blog is by the use of guest post. There are lots of benefits attributed to guest posting which I would definitely outline the top three benefits (of guest posting).

5 benefits of guest blogging

Benefits of Making Guest Posts on Authority Sites in Your Niche

1. Quality Backlinks

Making Guest post on bigger sites is a nice way of creating quality backlinks. You might be asking how, here is how it works. Most Authority blogs that accept guest post allow you to place at least one link to your blog, thereby linking your blog from theirs. You sure do know how such links appear in the eyes of Google, it appears to be quality backlink and increases your site authority and most times PageRank (that’s if the site has a high PageRank) stepping up your rankings in search results.

2. Targeted Traffic

There is nothing better than getting the right audience to your blog. If you make guest post on a higher blog with say 60,000 page impressions daily, there is every tendency that you get at least 1000 page via from the link on your Bio, hereby getting a targeted audience who are interested in what you blog about and they won’t just leave in a hurry.

3. Improves your Writing Skills

Practice they say makes perfect. Making several guest is a way of exercising your writing potentials and skills. The more you write, the more you learn new techniques and skills you can use in writing killer articles that can build trust and gain you the deserved audience you’ve been longing to have.

4. Popularity

You might not take note of this one, but making guest post on higher authority site gains you popularity in your niche. Someone might visit 4 sites in your niche and discover your articles on this various blogs, this would tend to make him fond of your name and you definitely have gained his trust of been an authority in the topic you write about. This brings us to the final point which is

5. More Subscribers

If you’ve proven to be an authority in your Niche, you leave the reader who believe in you and has read your guest post on several blog no other option than to join you as one of your readers. People like this end up to become your blog subscribers. Never forget that you would even gain more traffic from your guest articles, and with a well planned strategy, you can convert that traffic to your subscribers.

These are the various Benefits you can achieve doing guest posts. If you find this post interesting, you can link to it from your website or blog.



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