5 blogging mistakes to avoid as a newbie bloggerBlogging for quite some time now has really been fun and has helped me to learn lots of things which I’ve been letting you my faithful users know about. If I was a newbie and had to start blogging today, there are some basic mistakes which I made earlier in my blogging career, though fixed, I would avoid.

These mistakes are what I would love to point out so you can avoid them if you wish to become a successful blogger in a short time. Here are few mistakes I  made when I started blogging, and with time learned the right approach.

Mistake #1: Using Free Hosting Services

I started out blogging using free blogging platforms. Blogger was my choice blogging platform, but when I came to realize I was limited to the number of task I could achieve, the need to move to wordpress became unbearable.

Mistake #2: Not Finding a Niche for Myself

When I started blogging, I used to write just about everything ranging from Entertainment, Blogging Tips, Education, Gadgets and Computers all in one blog. This doesn’t help at all because you won’t be able to gain a targeted audience and no reader would believe you to be an authority in all these fields.

Mistake #3: Blogging without Images

Images speak a thousand words they say, but in my case, I made lots of blog posts earlier in my blogging career without images. Images make your post attractive and adds the right thumbnail to your post. Apart from that, using the right alt tags on images can drive additional traffic from search engines to your blog.

Mistake #4: Not Using a Custom Domain

I continued blogging for a long time using the sub-domain blogspot extension without having a second thought of using a custom domain. This does not separate you from the crowd. If you want to create a brand as a blogger, simply go for a domain name today, it costs nothing more than $12 per year.

Mistake #5: Missing out on Subscribers

Your blog is worth nothing without your readers, I failed to start up an email list early enough. As a newbie blogger, gathering a list of email subscribers would be a great asset to you. Setup an email subscription form immediately and enjoy the benefits therein.

I hope this was a useful piece for you? Why not start implementing this helpful tips today.


    • I would say it’s kinda bad. When you are about to start a blog, it is advised that you have 10 ready articles before launching the blog. Do yourself good by getting more updates on your blog.
      You won’t regret you did. Thanks for your time.


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