Every body wants to become a super blogger and earn money online via their blog, but the drive force is always your content. The higher the quality of your blog content, the better for you, therefore it is of a great necessity that you work on improving the quality of your blog content.

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In order to achieve a positive and mega result in content creation, it is advisable you consider some factors such as the various  mistakes most bloggers, even the so-called pro-bloggers make in their content creation and also the new fashioned ways to achieve a qualitative blog post.

Mistakes To Avoid

Before I take you into the various tools I have come across on the internet that have immensely helped to improve the quality of my blog content, let me firstly explain the various mistakes that are common among bloggers and why they do not achieve an improved quality article on their blogs.

Lack Of Writing Focus

This is one major issues that does affect bloggers because most bloggers do not have a set goal or set out points they would love to achieve by the end of writing an article. Adopting various writing patterns is like scattering your shots and not hitting a particular target. It is advisable you have a specific writing pattern which you focus on and you will be known for.

Publication Schedule

I purposely used the term publication schedule as the sub-heading in this context. I refer to this as the rate at which you post articles on your blog. If you start up by posting frequently on your blog, it would help you improve your writing skills. But if you write less frequently on your blog, it will definitely kill your blog because you won’t improve in your content creation and your readers would slowly stop visiting your blog.

Lack Of Metrics

If you are always applying different things you’ve learnt from several ebooks you have read to your blog writing skills, you won’t be able to determine if it hurts your readers or has helped in the improvement of your content creation if you do not have metrics. You have to apply the usage of metrics to enable you to determine your improvements or failures over time.

5 Tools To Improve Your Blogs Content Quality

1. Google Alerts

This is a great tool that alerts you by sending mails whenever your desired queries are indexed on Google search engine. This has helped me in my content creation because whenever I receive a notification, I head over to read the articles, this in turn helps me to learn from great bloggers on their content creation strategies and writing skills.

2. Social Mentions

This is a great tool that lists the mentions for your search queries in a format similar to a search engine results page. This mentions give you a clue about people are really talking about and what to write for them.

3. SEO Gadget Content Strategy Tool

This tool helps you to display trending topics from major websites such as Google News, Twitter, Digg and other related competitors blogs when you input any search query. This helps to keep you informed in the recent trends in your Niche.

4. Übersuggest

This is a great tool that helps in content creation. It provides you keyword suggestions based on any keyword search queries you make on their portal. This gives you the opportunity to write content based on what people really need. Satisfying people is what blogging is all about, this tool sure would help you create a perfect and quality content for your readers and far beyond.

5. Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is a tool I can’t do without in my blogging career. It helps you to discover the keywords that have been bringing organic traffic to your blog. If you take out time to consider the less competitive long tail keywords and write more about them, it in turn brings in more organic traffic, also improving your content creation, because you know where to focus your writing on.

Over To You

If you can put up work and use this 5 tools effectively put together, mind you, also avoiding the various mistakes that people make while writing blog articles as stated above, you will in less than no time get a tremendous improvement in your content creation.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Thanks for those advise and these great tools,am heading over to try out those am not familiar with ,,atleast i know and use google analytics and google alert


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