Every blogger in this dispensation wants to make money with their blogs online, and this in turn has led most bloggers, especially the Newbies to make lots of mistakes with their blogs. Here are some common mistake they make and also you could prevent them for a better blogging career.

  1. They do not update their blogs regularly
    All bloggers have to bear in mind that content is king in the blogosphere,instead of placing adverts and links, it is necessary to update your blog,keep an audience and in time, you would start earning it big with your blog.
  2. They do not comment on other niche related blogs
    Many bloggers fail to realize that commenting on other niche related blogs can be of great help to your traffic. Not only for traffic sake, but also it increases your blogs rank by increasing your pagerank.It is very vital to make comments on other blogs related to your blog.
  3. They do no connect with other bloggers
    It is very vital to connect with other bloggers who are top entrepreneurs in your niche of focus and beyond. The reason for this is that you could learn a lot from them. You could join blogging groups in order to learn more on blogging. You can search for Bloggers Labon facebook. It is a group of over 1800 bloggers.
  4. They do not write keywords rich content
    If you do not write keyword rich contents on your blog, then you are missing out a lot. They more you write content related to your niche with a high keyword density, the more and higher your blog post would appear on search engines, thus improving your traffic, authority in the niche and also your revenue stream.
  5. They accept out of the niche posts to earn money
    Many bloggers can do anything for money. Many of them go as far as accepting posts which are not related to their niche as long as they people they write for would pay. This is not professional for SEO because your blog niche would appear to be biased. I made this mistake in my early blogging years and it was really bad to my site. It is alos necessary to review guest post before publishing as most guest authors also post out of niche content.

If you watch out for these mistakes, you would soon have a healthy and revenue streaming blog.



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