I must admit that twitter is my favorite micro blogging social media site that helps most bloggers not only build traffic to their websites and blogs but infact garner you the targeted traffic which is the ultimate goal of we bloggers.

Getting traffic from twitter can really be easy for pro-bloggers, celebrities and their likes, but when it comes to the normal guy out there, it is really difficult to attract followers if you fall for certain mistakes.

There are bunch of overlooked reasons why you are not getting followers on twitter or at least your expected stats of followers which would be exposed in this article. Take your time to read through this post and discover what you’ve been doing wrong.

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1. You Look Like An Egg

Of course it sounds funny but it really plays a major role why most people do not get followers on their twitter profiles.
twitter egg avatarThe truth is, nobody is willing to follow an egg. If you still do not understand this, try visiting a new twitter account, you would discover that the default avatar looks like an egg, and if you still haven’t uploaded your profile avatar, then you obviously must be an egg which no one would ever dare follow.

Common, get an image of yourself and replace the egg that you don’t wanna be if you need more twitter followers.

2. You Beg For Followers In Your Bio

I see a couple of people doing this and from a lot of observations, I realized that it doesn’t pay at all. If you keep making people feel you need followers and that infact you will follow back if followed in your bio description, it tends to turn off the rate at which people would hit the Follow button.

The bio section is meant to give a brief about your personality and not an advert spot in search of more followers.

3. You Have A Lopsided Follow Ratio

If I visit your twitter profile and discover that you have a far widened gap between the people you follow and the number of people that follow you, it would kinda send a bad signal to me.

For instance, let’s say you follow about 1000+ accounts and you have just 2 followers, it raises red flag that your account is spam and would definitely scare a lot of people from following you on twitter.

4. Bots Help You Tweet

There’s nothing that annoys most twitter followers more than getting to see that a particular profile tweets excessively and most times it usually tweets from those automated third party apps.
People really want to hear your voice and not that of those bots that spam their twitter screens from your account, and won’t follow you if you don’t put an end to this.
Disengaging yourself from such apps is one step in the right direction to gaining huge follower-ship on twitter.

5. You Humble-Brag

I hate it when I go through someone else’s profile I intended following and discover that he humble brags maybe from his/her last tweets or the bio section. This from experiments  has proven to instantly develop hatred on your profile from the person who actually intended following your account moments ago.

Research has also shown that some words such as “Guru” , “H4ckers” and the likes tend to make people hate your account.

Bonus Tip: Your Account Has no Tweet

Note that no one would ever love to follow an account that has no tweets at all, so your first strategy is to start making use of your 140 characters space to tweet reasonable content and watch the effect it has on your twitter profile.

Avoiding the above mistakes most tweeps make is a key to growing your twitter profile to a large follower-ship. Remember to share this article and Follow Me On Twitter Here. Cheers!.


  1. Hi Oscar,
    It really was funny when you made mention of someone looking like an egg, this factor really degrades ones reputation, thanks for sharing this great guide to building your tweeter followers.

  2. “4. Bots Help You Tweet”

    Do you actually think this is one of the reasons? I use feedburner to automatically publish my feed items to my Twitter account. What do you suggest?

  3. Gaining real Twitter followers is a thing many can’t uderstand how it works but thanks, you shared the tips as to why and how one can get followers. I love twitter too but I sometimes wonder why people beg for followers. Its like telling one to follow you by force and which can’t work out.. Let followers follow you at their wish.

  4. I don’t follow eggs 😉 (I like the egg point. )
    Too many posts a day can irritate our followers.

    Thanks Oscar for sharing your tips.


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