It is usually an obvious fact that most people come into the blogosphere using free blogging platforms such as Blogger,, but when things get serious and you wish to step up the game and making blogging a full or part time job, then you definitely need a custom domain name. Using A Custom Domain On Blogger? One May Ask if it is Necessary. Of course, Yes. The necessity of using a custom domain name ranges from promoting your brand through lots of other reasons which I would be outlining here.

5 reasons to choose and use a custom domain for a blogger blog

#1. Monetization of Your Blog
If you wish to make money blogging,  then you need a custom domain. Many Big Advertising-Publishing Companies such as “buysellads” won’t Accept your blogs if it still runs under a subdomain. This would definitely mar their standards and reputation.

#2. The Ease in Rememberance
Yes. Custom Domains Are easy to remember, for instance on my blog on my own blog, I once used a subdomain on blogger with URL as and now I moved over to using a custom domain as If you were to be my subscriber or reader, which of the URL’s would be easier for you to remember? This is one good advantage of using a custom domain on blogger.

#3. Incase Blogger Deletes Your Blog
I must confess that this is one of the Major Disadvantage of Blogger. If you fall prey by defaulting their rules, or maybe a mistake on their path (as I have seen it happen), your Blog can be deleted. Having a Custom Domain doesn’t give you an edge by making your blog immune from been deleted, but it gives you an opportunity to Move to another blog within a few hours even though it wont be easy to get back your contents, your traffic, Page Rank, alexa rank etc will remain constant. If you make backups of your contents, you could be on the safer side.

#4. Search Engine Ranking
From experience, you can sure bet that a Custom domained Blog has a higher potentianl of ranking on Search engines. You can take a survey of top ranking sites and you would find this out yourself.

#5. You Can Earn More Money
With a custom domain, you have greater chances of guest post offers, sales banner, Product Reviews, Direct Advertisers and a whole lot of opportunities. Moreover nobody would love to waste their money for Adverts on a subdomain blog.

Now you see the various reason why you need to act fast and Choose a Custom Domain for your blogger blog.

I hope for find this article interesting, use the comment box below to let us know what you think, or other reasons you can also add.


  1. Nyc ryt-up bro.. Bt i wl lyk u 2 pls gv me d guidelines on au sucexfu my blog cn be. I’v less experience abt it. Bt i want to open a Blog bcos of my business n i want it 2 earn me more income n partronisers so as 2 enhance gr8ta profits.. Thks #Team Oscar

  2. Nice tips sir,i just want to ask if having numbers in a domain name is good,i have but it doesn’t seem people remember it at all or should i consider getting a domain name that has my name in it

    • Hi Adelowo,
      This is such an interesting question. I noticed most people tend to mistake 9ja for Naija, and without proper and intensive branding/promotion you might loose the traffic. Talking about using your name in a domain, it should depend on what the website is all about. You shouldn’t consider adding your name to a social network site’s domain, but when it comes to a personal blog, that’s alright.
      I hope this helps. 🙂


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