Besides the classic search engine optimization techniques based on your keyword optimization there is Image Optimization. This provides another source of traffic through the search engines. Google Image search may account for 1/4 more traffic.

Google images is a section of Google that you may optimize for, just as there are SEO strategies for optimizing for Google News, as well as optimization techniques for YouTube videos. Similarly, there is also the optimization of image search results. By providing the right image you may experience a degree of success, just as you would have success under normal circumstances when you offer the right keyword or keyword combination that attracts surfers.

best image optimization tips

With the so-called Google Universal Search Results, images appear on 22% of the search results. In addition, Google offers optimized mobile images within the web results as preview thumbnails of indexed images. If the user would like to see the picture in a better resolution, the user needs to go to the website on which the image is embedded.

1 – Image format and size will affect your optimization

For a reasonable ranking it is important to provide an image that is of the minimum size. The lower limit is 300 px, and the upper limit is the standard for desktop wallpapers at the size of 1280px. The size of the image is important in this respect, since the smaller the image is, then the worse the ranking is. It is ideal if they offer both a thumbnail and larger view of a picture.

The image format and aspect ratio must keep with the usual standards, and use images in the ratio 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10. Other formats such as panoramic images have grown naturally in popularity , however, will be less likely to be shown in the Google image search, because the result of Google image search has also been optimized for Smartphones.

2 – Ranked on the Copyright and Orientation

Copyright info has no meaning for photos ranking, however, many feel that it will start to play a stronger role in the future. Portrait or Landscape orientation matters, as within the universal search is seems that Landscape pictures have an advantage, because it was easier to integrate them in the search results.

3 – The File Type and the File Name

The format you use for your images is up to you, but if you look at the image search results, you will notice that there are balanced results between JPEG and PNG. The GIF format is increasingly being pushed to the background. The filename is the easiest and most effective SEO ranking factor, so long as you ensure the correct naming of a picture. Since images cannot have Meta tags, the file name is often taken as the most important ranking factor. Uniqueness is also important, because as with any information on the Internet, if the content unique, then it is valuable and that goes for images too.

4 – The Text Relating to the Image Itself

The text used to optimize an image occurs both before and after the image file. ALT text of an image and the images SEO is extremely important. The Alt text was created for accessibility. Google bots and any other search engines are still not able to read images, only text, and therefore it is important to add Alt text to images.

In addition to the Alt Text a title can also be defined for an image. The text entered here for the image appears as a tooltip when you mouse-over. The relevance of the title in a picture of the optimization is however questionable and therefore more of a nice-to-have element, rather than a mandatory criterion. As with the alt text, you should resist any pressure to start keyword stuffing.

5 – The Links Pointing at Your Images

As with the SEO of text, an image is evaluated by how many links point to it, and what the links that point to it say. The search engine can use the link text to try and figure out what the picture actually is. Likewise, backlinks from external sites within a classic SEO structure is an indicator for Google that shows it that the image is important, useful or in demand. External links pointing to the page that the image is on is also going to be helpful for your SEO. Optimizing your page for a keyword may also be aided with optimized images. If a page is highly relevant for a keyword, then optimizing your images for this keyword is going to help your overall SEO.

I hope you love this article, drop your comments below if you have additional tips.

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  1. These are good tips for image optimization. I generally use a plugin to minimize the size of plugin. Another thing I put all my pictures in picasa. I just add link in my site.

    I’ll try to follow the tips

    • Hi Ahsan.
      I’m so glad you found time to read through and leave your contribution, thanks. Feel free to opt-in my email list and enjoy my updates. Thanks once more for stopping by.

  2. You mad an excellent point through this post . Images doe play a vital role in SEO , hence they should be optimized as well as they can . Images do attract readers …Hence a perfectly optimized great image is what you need in your blog posts.I think , there are plugins available to optimize your images on WordPress platform automatically …Hence , people should go with that.


  3. Very informative post about image optimization. I had learned about the alt tag, title, description portions, but the size issue was not one I was aware of or that the links were potentially valuable to the image. Learn something new every day, and I thank you!! Excellent articles here on this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I’m so glad you found your way back to my blog. Thanks for your comment, you could also subscribe to our newsletters so you can get a mail whenever new articles are been made. I hope you enjoyed the articles you read on this blog. Do have a nice day ahead.

  4. Hey,
    you have given some good tips for image optimization.I always add alt tag while posting images on my blog.I try to find keyword through Google keyword tool which helps me to get better rank in SERP.

  5. my reading attitude is much stimulated by graphics, image plays a good role in SEO. image illustrate more to your readers what you intend to explain by writing. am already leaning much about using image to optimize pages. good ideas.

  6. Image optimization is really important for better SEO.
    It help us to optimize our blog posts for search engines that gives us extra organic traffic.
    Great tips here dear ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ankit Singla

    • If we all hope to improve our blog SEO, then image optimization is a sure must work strategy for every blogger. I’m glad you commented Ankit. Do have a nice day ahead ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Image optimization is really helpful for both the types of bloggers running wallpapers site and other content blogs.
    Getting traffic from Google Web Results is common nowdays, but all these strategies are good enough to derive some traffic from Google Image results too.

    • These Image Optimization strategies sure would drive in a massive traffic from search engines to your blog if well implemented anyway. Thanks for finding time to read this article Rajkumar.

  8. Wohooo, I never knew that there were such optimizations for images too. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    It seems that you can drive a tremendous amount of traffic through Image Optimization too..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot for such an informative post. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Hey Frank,
    I to agree with your points image optimization really an great method which i’m generating some traffic glad you have shared an important post.

  10. Wonderful article indeed, i never imagined an image format could have an effect on ranking, though i mostly use .jpg image format. Image name and alt tags are also important factors to consider in image optimization. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for sharing this awesome post Oscar

    Is very important to optimize your images so you can get better traffic from google Images

    thanks for sharing do have an awesome day ahead ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Nice post and i do accept all of them…I am using some Plugins to optimize images in my blog…Filename and alt tag is very important even Mutt Cutt also suggested this once….:)

  13. Nice post which explains the importance of Image optimization.

    Yeah, i knew its benefits and never published my blog posts without image optimization.

    Thanks for discussing it in detail, keep continue your good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. ALT Text is really very important for optimizing images. Other, than this there is a very good plugin called SEO Friendly images which can optimize you site effectively for image search.

  15. Hi Sonia,

    Great post friend! I found I was ignoring the image size aspect. Also did not know the aspect ratio could affect the ranking. I’ll now pay more attention to the size and aspect ratio.

    Other tips, I was aware and think I’m following them very good.

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