What!! I guess that’s probably what my readers would say when they read the title of this article. Well, the truth as I always would say is a key tool to becoming successful. Blogging hasn’t been easier, but taking a keen look as to what other successful bloggers out there do is one way to building a successful blog.

For sure, I blog Tech, Blogging Tips and Traffic while Linda Ikeji is totally on a different Niche (Entertainment), and I guess you are wondering the correlation . Blogging involves a lot of things that work on various Niches, only applying a working principle makes you unique and entitled to a successful blogging career in this ocean we call the blogosphere.

A Little Check On Linda Ikeji

Blogging Tips With Linda Ikeji

It all started in 2006 when a young model decided to quit modelling and venture into something different. She started Linda Ikeji Blog for fun and never expected to make such fortune out of it, but with hardwork, patience and applying the right strategies, Nigeria’s most successful Entertainment blog was born.

5 Things I Learned From Linda Ikeji

1. Regular Blog Updates

This is one character every blogger should imbibe if you really want a busy blog that drives more traffic than you ever expected. A blog that is usually updated keeps readers coming back for more and especially if your articles are of high quality.

Not only would this be of interest to your readers, but also search engine bots would visit your blog regularly and in regards increase your blog page index time. You might not really know the impact this might have on your organic traffic until you try it out.

2. Numerous Articles Per Day

I understand that all blogging niches are not the same and I shouldn’t expect you to blog as much as 20 blogs per day just like Linda does. But truth be said, if you consider your blog a business and want to make a living off it, you would definitely research more on your area of interest and post a whole lot number of articles daily.

The benefits here are numerous.

  • After I tried out posting just 2 articles per day, I recorded a 68% increase in traffic
  • You would rank for multiple keywords on search engines, and in return get more traffic
  • Remember, more traffic equals higher earnings if you know you way around it.
  • It improves the likelihood of an advertiser approaching you for your ad space as this would show how busy and serious your blog is

You do not have an excuse to this whatsoever niche you find yourself, top bloggers use this strategy to outrank us. If you wish to increase your traffic, try this out.

3. She Breaks The News

One rule I hold on to is breaking the news in your Niche. I remember sometime last year when Google introduced the large skyscrapper ad unit, this blog was one of the first places most people read it. It turned in a whole lot of new readers and even backlinks from other bloggers who referenced to the article.

Linda Ikeji knows her onions uses this strategy also to wow her audience. This is another great aspect of this Nigerian blogger you should explore on your blog.

4. She Writes Her Opinion

Whatever people say shouldn’t always influence your opinion as a blogger. Your readers would love you more if you can give your thoughts and first hand experience concerning topics you cover on your blog. For instance, most times Linda writes what she feels about an issue, and would often ask her readers what they also think about it. I used that strategy in writing various case studies on this blog. Even in this post, I used that trick in getting you to read, I could have titled this post “5 Tis To Becoming a Successful Blogger in Nigeria“, but titling it “5 Things I Learnt From Linda Ikeji – Nigerian Blogging Queen” would gain more attention since i’m giving first hand information on what I learnt. It all points to the fact that, your readers would prefer your opinion over generic blog posts.

5. She is Generous

Though i haven’t been practicing this, but giveaways turn in a whole bunch of new readership and fans for any blog. Last month, Linda Ikeji gave out a Hundred Thousand Naira each (approx. $600) to ten active commentators on her blog. I can sure bet that this would really boost her blog readership. If you need a quick sprout in your blog’s traffic and dedicated readers, then try this strategy.

Conclusively, Linda Ikeji is one great blogger you can pick a whole lot of healthy blogging stuff from regardless what blogging Niche you find yourself. I hope you find this tips helpful in your blogging pursuit. Cheers and see you at the top.

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  1. Oscar,

    I like posting multiple times daily too. 20 is awesome. I am up to 5-6. If I push it, I can swing 10 to 15…..we will see.

    The Queen is an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing her keys to success with us Oscar!

    • Hi Ryan,
      I know you post multiple times daily and I see how this has really helped you. BTW, posting up to 20 is a great fit I dream to achieve someday 🙂 . Thanks for finding the time to read and leave your valuable comment.

  2. Lind’s post makes headlines even in the newspapers in Ghana. She is a great source of inspiration and I think she knows best why she isn’t on a .com domain
    She is a clear example to the fact that irrespective of one’s platform be it blogger or wordpress, one can succeed.

  3. The task of posting up to 10 or even 5 posts a day can be demanding especially when you are alone but the moment vision begins to flow in you like blood, your thinking and perception would change. Thats what Linda tapped into, the moment her blogging changed from fun to business, she employed more hands.

  4. Oscar,
    You have some great tips we can all learn from Linda. While posting many times a day is guaranteed to bring serious traffic to your site, what manner of traffic are we talking about here? Mind you, Linda’s niche does not involve serious time crafting articles like all the other niches out there. For entertainment, once you know the where to get your sources, you’re halfway done. This, sadly, does not apply to the vast majority of niches out there.
    My take on this? Stick to what actually works for you!

  5. Hi, Oscar,
    It’s been a while i visited your blog, this article has really motivated me to invest on my blog, thanks for sharing.

  6. You are right Frank by learning from a pro blogger like Linda and I totally key in in what Ahkaana said, niche matters a lot because for some other niches, it is not that easy to be posting that frequent, but all in all multiple posts per day pays a lot

  7. Linda is an Exceptional blogger in Nigeria Here bcs of her Zeal. It is a time we blogger Especially Tech related Niche should focus more on our area of expertise to boast blogging in Nigeria. Thanks 4 d info on linda blogging Journey.

  8. Well said oscar, blogging is all about passion, time and loving what you do. Linda did it all and finally she is now enjoying what she struggled for years to generate. To bloggers all we need to have is courage and patience as in this field its not like a get rich quick scheme like what other bloggers advocates it. its all about being patience, blogging needs time to strategies your ideas into readers and at the end you create a business that’s profitable

  9. These are great lessons from Nigeria’s most popular blogger. What do you have to say about other bloggers like Neil Patel who only publish a post 2 times a week or Derek Halpern of Social Triggers who publishes a post barely once a week. These 2 have so many readers. Does google actually send you traffic because you make posts many times? Does it have anything to do with how much you promote your post?

    • Talking about Neil and Derek, those are great bloggers that understand content marketing strategies. They promote their blog posts a lot and this has garnered them a lot of loyal readers in the long run.

  10. I just like her nt becos she is a great blogger but becos she is so generous nd undastanding.thumb up oscar 4 sharing diz post nd it my first tym here.A friend of my told me abut ur blog.

    For Exclusive news on tech,entertainment nd ict Please visit my blog http://samuelohis.blogspot.com

  11. Wow, I had no idea that you need to blog that frequently. I really don’t think I can get up to 20x/day. Even twice per day seems a lot to me right now. Baby steps… inch by inch.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Stephen,
      I understand where you are coming from. But with time, I guess you’ll see the need to. Anyway, it is actually Niche dependent. Cheers and Happy Blogging. BTW, I appreciate the little time you spent in leaving a comment on my blog.

  12. What a wonderful word to key in::::do u know why most of the blogs in nigeria are offkey is bcos bloggers dont do research or Read:::linda she his well read and she always research more::and post :::::some blogger problem is that dey lack d admistration abiity:::d vision is just to make money online :::: oscar frank:::i wish to say frankly speaking that THINKS ABOUT THE FUTURE will help any blogger who want or choose to succed in d platform::of weblog——- the first way of thinking practiced by optimists is ”future-orientation”. Optimists are those who develop the habit of ”idealization” :::::Contact/whatsapp= 08165574547 On a guide to excellent performance:::thanks alot and i wish dis blogs growth::::bcos a say goes::a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step and ends with a step(success @ oscar frank blog see u @ d top):::bye from almustaphakoji.

  13. Some times i wonder where Linda gets her news from. She can’t be everywhere we all know. Blogging about news and celebrity lifestyle ain’t that easy you know. Unless you want to be the copy and paste type or the OMG! See what Tonto Dikeh is doing with her… >>> click here to read more bloggers lol. She is made for her type. I prefer blogging about tech and personal new discoveries. Well it all depends on what you love doing. She loves her work and it makes her successfull. That’s a good style. Thumbs up Oscar, i admire your blog too.

  14. Hello Oscar.
    Thanks for the post, it really inspired me to do more for my website/blog. I’m head of content team for my blog community which is http://www.xclusivegospel.com , we produce wholesome gospel content like music, articles and trending news. Seeing that its mainly for gospel, we are constantly looking for ways to increase our readership and visitors.

    I think your ideas will come in hand to boost our traffic.
    Also feel free to suggest more ways for us to grow traffic sir. Thanks


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