It is a simple and obvious fact to all bloggers that building a one way quality backlink to your blog can be a difficult task but really pays off in both Traffic, SEO and PageRank. There are lots of factors that encourage people to link back to your blog articles and homepage which I would be outlining here. Follow these 50 steps to get quality backlinks to your blog.

50 ways to gain one way backlinks to your blog fast

50 Ways To Build Backlinks

  1. Write quality contents, content is king as we all know. An interesting and catchy blog post can attract your readers who are fellow bloggers to link back to your article.
  2. Make it a habit to comment on other authority blogs.
  3.  Participate in forums, answer questions and give them links to related articles on your blog. Your readers over there might appreciate by linking to your link. Here is a complete List of 100 PR6 Dofollow Forums.
  4. Making guest posts on authority blogs is a great tool to build backlinks and traffic sources.
  5. Submit your articles to web directories as this a cool source for backlinks.
  6. Once in a while, Make Video Tutorials on your blog.
  7.  Submit your feeds to RSS Directories.
  8. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers with reference to your blog as source.
  9. Ask your friends to link to you.
  10. Interlink your articles in your blog.
  11. Link to other bloggers, it is likely that they would want to show off to their readers that you linked to them, thereby linking to that post on your blog.
  12. Make a review of top products or companies, who knows, they might link back.
  13. Convert your articles to PDF and submit to document sharing sites.
  14. Create a Squidoo Lens, write and link back to your blog from there.
  15. Create an account on hubpages, update and link back to your blog.
  16. Write Controversial blog posts. It is a sure way of getting links from participating readers.
  17. Ask other bloggers to interview you.
  18. Write Link Bait Posts.
  19. Create a Wikipedia Page for yourself and link to your blog as a resource link.
  20. Start a giveaway contest with linking back as one of the requirements.
  21. If you are into programming, create an  Firefox Extension with a page dedicated to this Extension on your blog. If the Firefox is cool, you sure would get lots of backlinks from people writing about it.
  22. Write a List Article about something. For instance, write Top 10 List about something, 100 tips about something, etc.
  23. Create Long Tutorial articles as they do get lots of backlinks.
  24. Discover a solution to something and be the first to blog about it. You sure would be linked to by others.
  25. Visit sites that link to you and check other sites they link to, then you can contact those sites to link back to you.
  26. Social Bookmarking is a nice way of getting backlinks.
  27. Submit your articles to Digg, it is a dofollow directory.
  28. Write How To Guides, they also tend to get quality backlinks from readers and other bloggers.
  29. Do link exchanges.
  30. Pay other bloggers to link to your blog.
  31. Create a MyWapBlog account, write articles and link back to your blog from there.
  32. Create a free wordpress theme with footer link to your blog and give them as freebies.
  33. Create a free blogger template and link to your blog from the footer.
  34. Design blogs for others and put a link to their sites in form of “Designed by YourSite”.
  35. Update your blog regularly.
  36. Interview Experts and Top Bloggers in your Niche, most of them would link back to you.
  37. Be the first in your Niche to post a Tech News. Maybe the arrival of a New iPhone device or something else.
  38. Build a FAQ page or section on your blog. It helps in getting free backlinks.
  39. Write a Catchy titled post, jokes would do but they should all gear towards a unique lesson. Example of this is the “How I earned $356 in a day on Google Adsense” post I made sometime ago.
  40. Add your blog link to your LinkedIn Profile.
  41. Add your blog link to your Twitter profile.
  42. Donate to an online charity group or website, they would definitely link to your blog as an appreciation.
  43. Create Web 2.0(s) and link your blog from them.
  44. Add codes to your blog. It would automatically add a link to blogs that copy your articles. It is not recommended for blogs that share codes.
  45. Buy or Register expired/parked domains which are related your main keywords, then create a link from them to your main blog.
  46. Rewrite your articles and submit them to EzineArticles with links to your blog.
  47. Rewrite your articles and submit them to GoArticles with links to your blogger.
  48. You can create a free blogger blogs, update it maybe once in a week, then post with links to your main blog occasionally.
  49. Claim your blog on
  50. And lastly, place a link on your blog to . Remember the golden rule that says, whatever you want done to you, also do to others.

Here is a Video from Matt Cutt showing the various ways of Getting Backlinks to your blog all for free.

I hope you would implement these little 50 Backlink building strategies listed above cos they really work.

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  1. Some of these are quite good. I did hear, however, that some sites have been penalized for having their links in WordPress themes.

  2. Hi Donvic, in link exchange, you place a link to someone’s blog and the other blogger also returns a link to you on his blog, while paid links are links placed on someones blog after you pay them to do so. Hope you understand.

  3. A linking campaign can ‘t be considered as complete devoid of the effective using Squidoo and Hub – Pages. Video Sharing sites: backlinks from video sites is incredibly powerfull and in addition gives plenty of free traffic to your sites. As a general rule, backlinks on high page-ranked websites convey more impact than lower page-ranked websites.


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