6 Things We Still Can’t Do with iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been launched as we all know, but there are things which this smartphone can’t still do, here is a list of 9 things the new iPhone 5 can’t do.

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1. You can’t charge your new iPhone 5 with your old charger if you have any at home because the new iPhone comes with a new charging port connector


2. These new iPhone 5 still doesn’t support flash just like it’s predecessors.

3. We still can’t drop our phones with confidence
Although one of the great improvements on the iPhone 5 includes a stronger, metal back-end, the phone’s fragile front-side will always make your stomach turn after dropping it—that is, unless you’re using a heavy-duty case. As always, it’s still worth the small up-front investment to avoid a huge headache later on.


4. We still have to upgrade to “Bedazzled” versions
Although the playing field is still even between Apple and competitors on this one, the iPhone 5 would have been a great opportunity to make this standard so we could cut through the middle men. After all, glue can get pretty annoying.
5. There’s still no removable storage
There is no space for external storage card, it contains an internal fixed memory space.


6. We still can’t run apps side-by-side
The iPhone doesn’t have atrue multitasking function. Although you can browse and check emails at the same time. It is not a true multitasking function.


Though, the iPhone 5 is a real nice smartphone.


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