Hello Reader, you must have decided to start blogging, but your budgets won’t be focused on paying for web hosting and other stuff such as plugins, well, you can choose the best free blogging platforms, Blogger. In This Post, We Are Going To Discuss 7 Advantages Of Using Blogger Blogging Platform.

In Real Life, Every Thing that Have An Advantage Surely Will Have A Disadvantage. Here, We’ll Only Deal With The Advantages. Maybe Someother Time, We’ll Discuss On The Disadvantages

Lets Ride On:::

1. Bandwidth: You Don’t Need To Bother About Bandwidth In Blogger. You Can Get As Much Traffic As You Want Unlike Blogging Platforms Like WordPress Where You Have Limited Bandwidth Even Though You Bought Unlimited Bandwidth, Its Not Always Unlimited.

2. Blog Accessibility: You Can Create As Many Blogger Blogs As Possible And Access All Of Them From One Dashboard  What Does It Imply? With Just One Google Account, You Can Manage All Your Blogs Just From One Dashboard.

3. Articles Images Storage: Your Blogger Article Images or The Images you Uploaded to Your Blogger Blog Are Stored In Picasa. You Don’t Need To Worry About Your Images Because they are Safe. Even If You want Delete You Blog Today, You’ll Have An Option If You want To Delete The Images Also.

You Can also Use Picasa As You Image HoSting Site. Just Save You Images Online… Isnt That Cool???

4. Security: Your Blogger Blog Is Secured As Far as Your Google Account Is Secured. You Don’t Need To bother About Installing Security Widgets Like In WordPress where You Install Tons Of Security Plugins.

5. Google Webmaster Verification: Your Blogger Blog Is Automatically Verified By Google Webmasters Since Its A Hosted In A Property Owned By Google.

6. Creation Of Widgets: You Can Create Simple Widgets With Simple HTML And Javascript. You Don’t Need To Learn Many Languages Before Using Blogger Blogs.

7. Usage: Blogger Is Just AS easy As Any other Thing To Use… Even A Dummie can Use Blogger Blogs.. Just Go to Blogger.com, Sign In With Your Google Account, Create A Blog, Use Blogger Default Template and Your Blog is Ready… See how Simple It is?

But For Professionalism, You’ll Have To Use a Better Template, Add Many Widgets So As To Look Professional! Visit BLOGGER TIPS For Many Tutorials On Blogger To Make Your Blog Look Professional

I rest My Case Here. If you Have Questions About This Post, Don’t Forget To Use The Comment Box Below.


  1. nice one antoni, blogger has one advantage you didn’t mention which is it is easy to use that’s why majority on newbies bloggers always start with a blogger/blogspot platform
    nice post dude thanks for dropping this one

    • Thanks for the contribution Prince. But I do not think that’s the major reason people tend to start with blogger. I believe it’s because it is free, that’s just it.

  2. Hello! Nice post. I recently linked bank to this post from my blog posts 4 reasons you should start a blog today.
    Could you allow me to do a guest post one day! I will leave my email with you!


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