Every blogger wishes to build a successful blog, and this can be achieved by making your blog interesting and engaging your reader to various activities on your blog. Your sidebar and footer widget are places of attention after your post is been read, therefor putting in interesting stuff and widgets in there can be a big step to bringing out the best out of your blog.

essential and must have blogging widgets

In this article, i’ll be open your eyes to 7 Must Have Sidebar and Footer widgets you need to install on your wordpress or blogger blog. It doesn’t matter what blogging platform you choose, the main fact is both use widgets and you can install these on them all.

7 essential Widgets for All Blogs

1. Search Box

This is quite a simple yet effective sidebar widget item you need to put on your blog. Some themes come with this item on their navigation bar by default, but if your doesn’t, put up the search box widget on your widget sidebar for easy access of information by your faithful readers.

2. Subscription Box

This is to connect your readers with your social networks, Emails subscriptions, Newsletters. Adding links to your social profiles here is also a nicely welcomed idea. This gets you to keep in touch with your readers outside your blog.

3. Recent Posts

Provide your readers with the top 10 recent posts you’ve made. This is a great feature that gives your readers a shortcut to the various articles they might have missed during the week.

4. Navigation

When I say navigation,  mean Categories, Archives, Tag Cloud, Custom Menu, e.t.c. This generally would keep your readers a little longer, thereby reducing your blog’s bounce rate. It can help keep get a specific category popular. It’s definitely a must have on your blogs sidebar widget.

5. Advertisements

For those of us who have taken blogging full time and love to make money with our blogs, adverts are the source of our income online. Create a space for advert placement, infact an advert unit should be on your sidebar sidebar widget. Adverts ranging from Direct Ads, Adsense, Media.net are all welcome.

6. Blogroll

This is a place you can put in your favorite links on your blog. Link exchange you have made with others can also go in to this place.

7. About The Author

Although most people may not like to put in this one on their sidebar, it generally goes well with the footer widgets. Write a little story about yourself as the man behind the blog and so on.

Now you can start implementing this 7 must have blog widgets on your blog and do not forget to let us know what improvements you had on your blog after adding them.

Happy Blogging.



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