Starting up a blog can be quite easy, but what keeps it going is the ability to run and maintain a lively, audience targeted and successful blog. In-fact  there are millions of blogs out there, with all these bloggers having the zeal to make money online and they sideline the main fact, which is how to become a successful blogger.

7 useful blogging tips for newbies

Here is a guide for Newbie bloggers to help you run a successful blog in your Niche.

7 Practical Blogging Tips to Success

  1. Blog For the Passion: When I talk about blogging for the passion, I mean writing about things you really love doing. In no time, you will find it fun writing about your favorite topic of interest, rather than forcing yourself into something that you would soon get bored of. This takes us to the next point, which is.
  2. Choose a Niche: In-case you don’t know, a Niche Blog is a blog that focuses on a very specific topic. Once you have decided to blog for your passion of interest, you have to make the decision of choosing a specific Niche to blog about. This would help you in gaining ground and authority in that Niche, hereby getting you a Targeted Audience.
  3. Write Down Your Goals: Writing down your goals is one of the most powerful things you can do to set them in motion. Do not think about ambiguous goals which you can’t achieve in the short term as a Newbie blogger, make goals you can achieve in the first month of blogging. Such goals can be like the number of post you would achieve that month, the number of guest post you can make on niche related blogs, a list of blogs to engage comments on, and lots more.
  4. Write Unique Content: You would already agree with me that as long as blogging is concerned, Content is King. It is a very wrong practice to copy other people’s hard-work, moreover you can get penalized by search engines for doing so. If you can always come up with unique content, you would be in return gaining the trust of your readers, and you know trust is a very rare commodity to come by.
  5. Update Your Blog Regularly: The Sub-Title “Update Your Blog Regularly” says it all. Keep updating your blog with new articles in order to keep your already reached audience coming back. This would keep your reader coming back to your blog, and most of all, Google and other search engines fall in love with blogs that have fresh articles.
  6. Learn, Learn and Learn: You need to make research always concerning your Niche of choice, visit other Niche related blogs of higher authority to learn their writing styles. Find time to ask established authors in your Niche questions and you would find it more interesting with your blogging career.
  7. Join Bloggers Communities: Find out blogger comunities to Join, it could be facebook blogging groups or forums where bloggers meet. You would be surprised what you can learn from such places.

If you can implement this 7 Blogging Tips as a Newbie Blogger, you will in no time find your blog successful and gaining the targeted traffic you’ve always wished for. Wishing you a Happy Blogging Career.


  1. Useful tips thanks. I would also suggest that you share your content on Social Media and make sure you engage with people who read and share your blog. Thanks for sharing on


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