Do you intend to purchase Apple’s new AirPods? They look amazing, provide a longer battery life, more rapid connections, “Hey Siri” support, plus you even get a non-compulsory wireless charging case. But will all these extras be good enough reasons to upgrade if you already possess first-gen AirPods? This article on Airpods 2 vs Airpods 1, is split into different segments. These segments of comparisons are listed below:

Airpods 2 Vs Airpods 1

1. Battery Life

The battery life in AirPods 2 is more suitable for calls. As for rocking your music, the difference is pretty much the same with AirPods 1 — It is still five hours. But for calls, AirPods 2 provides massive improvement. You enjoy 50 percent additional talk time. That is about 3 hours rather than 2. Also, the case provides 1 day of top-up charges to the pods themselves, which is brilliant.

2. Hey Siri

Because of the new H1 chip, the tiny AirPods can keep a mic on for listening to your Hey Siri command. That is cool, especially if you intend to skip songs or make a phone call hands-free. But it is already possible to double-click an AirPod to get Siri up and running. So this has to be rated a less than important improvement for lots of users.

3. Qi Charging Case

If you already fancy contact charging — the type of charging where you will need to cautiously place the iPhone on a wired coaster rather than just plugging that wire into the Lightning port — then you might prefer the optional wireless AirPods charging case.

This is a useful feature, but there is an additional cost $40 on the price you will purchase your AirPods 2.

4. Quicker Connection

If I make use of my AirPods with a single device, the connection is almost immediate. But when a switch iPhone to iPad happens, expect a long delay. This can be up to ten seconds. And at times, the connection can just fail for you to try again. AirPods 2 reduces this time in half. It is a really enticing feature but some users will not fancy buying something that already functions properly.

5. Reduced Latency For Gamers And Musicians

Airpods 2 also comes with 30 percent less gaming latency. Apple said, “Testing consisted, of measuring the time from iPhone screen tap to audio played in AirPods.

Musicians will absolutely love this as well. Playing an on-screen piano and experiencing a delay as you click away from a key and hear the sound can be really frustrating. The delay might now be little enough to cope with.

The People That Will Fancy The Airpods 2

Individuals that do lots of phone talking. Or those that use Siri all the time, but possess wet or oily hands always. Or people that are scared of putting Lightning plugs into holes.

To be clear, asides nerds that love to always purchase new stuff, the potential buyers of the AirPods 2 should be people that do not own AirPods 1 or those with original AirPods batteries that are currently frustrating and infuriating.

No doubt, AirPods 2 is a decent upgrade but they seem like an iPhone upgrade rather than an iPhone X-style re-design.


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