As the tussle to get cheap and affordable browsing plans for our smartphones and devices continue, I decided to make known the Airtel Blackberry plan (if you don’t already know) which currently works on all internet enabled devices.
Yeah, you read the last line correctly, it can be used on all non blackberry devices such as android phones, your PC and more. The airtel blackberry plan is currently capped with 1.5GB data.

airtel blackberry plan and subscription code

How To Subscribe For Airtel Blackberry Plan

It’s quite simple to activate your Airtel blackberry plan. Follow the simple steps below.

1. Recharge your Airtel SIM with airtime worth N1500

2. Dial *440*16# on your phone.

3. Immediately, you would receive a confirmation SMS that welcomes you into the airtel unlimited blackberry plan and your recharged airtime would be deducted. The plan lasts for a 30 days period

You can simply check your data bundle expiration date and data balance by dialing *223#. If that method does not work for you, check other ways to view airtel data balance here.

PS: If you wish to learn how to configure your airtel device for internet access, click here.

I hope this little guide comes in handy. Cheers!


    • Yes Steve,
      The post was made in 2013, but I had to change the Timestamp from my WP dashboard so it could appear on the frontpage since it was still relevant. I didn’t want to use the Pin method.

  1. hey am using it buh its certainly nt unlimited bcos they keep on telling me dat i shld off n restart my phone 2 get a proper offer sinx it isn’t bb dat am using buh still beta than mtn

    • Hi Ceci,
      He never said the plan offered unlimited data, but it’s called the Airtel Unlimited Blackberry plan. He clearly stated that it’s capped at 1.5GB. Hope you do understand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have not been able to use my 1.5gb data for 3 days it keeps asking me to register the airtel self care portal,why?what should i do?your a great help oscar have been awake all night reading tru.

  3. it doesn’t work well on system intact it doesn’t connect on harcked modem n if it connect on Airtel it won’t work well except on phone.

  4. But the MB runs very fast and finishes early or am i the only one? In like 3 days its over even without me downloading.

  5. Pls help me out wit my htc desire s phone to browse wit bb subscription bcos I’ve sub to all d network n it’s sti not browsing. Ugent plsssss, let some one help me out bcos dis htc is bcomi frustrating for me without internet

  6. What’s the code for deactivating the BB plan in case your data gets exhausted before its expiry and you want to opt for a new one (Plan)

  7. Hi.frank,please bro really need to understand this,the airtel BB plan which cost N1500 for 2GB that also works on android devices & that of N2000 that was recently brought out for android devices for 2GB all monthly plans are there charging rates the same thing bro,please really need to figure this out ???

  8. I was using the sub perfectly before and it stopped working and I loaded N100 they chop it off and Facebook app can’t load pictures any help please.

  9. The product worked very well with my set,but the started date does not follows like BB it is not fair,after two weeks everything went off.The subscription work with Android devices perfectly.Please you people should do something on time before it is too late

  10. Hi Mr. Frank
    This is a very good research work. keep it up.
    The suscription did not work with my Samsung galaxy grand 2. I have to call customer care and they refunded my money. If there’s any way please help me

    • Hi Celestine,
      Really, I subscribed this plan for my Uncle last night. Did you configure your device with the right APN ( Pls, do let me know if you did cos that’s what works.

  11. Pls, i got a message that ”GET TWO TIMES VaLUE. For just N1500 get BB Unlimited 1 plus 1 offer with 4GB Data bundle, valid for 30 days. Dial *440*161# or send bbum2 to 440” which i did and the reply i got was ” you are not eligible for this offer” i will be glad to know what could be the problem, or probably the code is different. I have sub on same line some months ago and it works.

  12. Try Using your Airtel SIM which you want to make eligible, dial *440*440# Wait for a few seconds,you should receive a text message which accepts your request and thatโ€™s all.To confirm this dial *440*161# without recharging the line and if the result given was “Dear customer,you do not have sufficient balance for this plan”it means you are eligible,then proceed by recharging N1,500 BUT if the result is”Dear customer,you are not eligible for this plan”it means you’re not.Simply dial *440*16# for the 2gb BB plan.


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