The Airtel Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook (WTF) data bundle has actually been around for quite some time now. At first I never wanted having it written on this blog, but after much consideration (most people only mostly subscribe for internet plans just to make use of these services in this part of the world), I thought it wise to let you guys know about it.

Wanna make use of these top messaging apps like Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook, then what you actually need is the Airtel WTF plan as it’s called.

Airtel Whatsapp Twitter and Facebook bundle plan

The Airtel WTF bundle is a bundle which lets you use Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook at a certain amount for a certain period of time.

How Can I Get The WTF Bundle?

To get the bundle plan for one month, dial *990# for just #200 And to get the bundle for one week, dial *991# for just #100

How Can I Check My Airtel WTF Balance?

It is quite easy to check the balance for the Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook Cheap bundle plan on airtel.

To check your data balance, dial *990*0#

Hope you’ll this sort of Airtel data plan while it’s still available on the Internet service provider..


  1. When I first heard about the airtel WTF bundle, I was like, F*Ck… I came to realize that it was whatsapp, facebook and twitter bundle.. It’s a nice bundle though 🙂

  2. Hi Rahul Suresh,
    Funny you. You said bad luck for you? Well you can go register a new airtel line anyway.
    Thanks for dropping a comment.

  3. Hi Chinonso,
    It was the same thing that came to my mind too, I was like, “What The F**k” (WTF) hehehe. But I leter got a clear view of what it was.
    Thanks for dropping a comment here


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