Well, I’ve been there.

I know how frustrating it can get when you try sending an SMS and you keep getting that annoying “Delivery Failure” notification. 🙁

There are definitely a couple of factors that usually result to this of which a wrong Message Center number is a major culprit. Most times your messages do not get delivered, it’s as a result of your message center number been tampered with (i.e replaced with a wrong one). In this post I’ll get you the various message center numbers for the top 4 Nigerian network providers, viz: MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo.

Nigerian networks message center numbers

  • For MTN Message Centre Number is +234803000000 and Centre Name is MTN
  • For Airtel Message Centre Number is +2348020000009 and Centre name is Airtel
  • For Etisalat Message Center Number is +2348090001518 and Centre name is Etisalat
  • For Globacom Message Centre Number is +2348050001501 and Centre name is Glo

How Do I Use These?

Next time you SMS fails to deliver, check your Message settings and make sure your providers center number appropriately matches the correct one above.

Do let me know if this post was useful.


  1. This post was useful, changed my phone and was receiving message failed, each time I sent a text message…went on Google & found this post.
    Thank you.

  2. Yes, it was so helpful. I was almost getting frustrated, until I got this blog and got the message centre number I was looking for. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you for the info about the message center numbers… I am using a Glo SIM, Techno L8 plus android phone, and I have a similar problem of not having my messages sent. This has happened for over 7months now. Please assist me. I really need help.

  4. Sms service center worked like majic. Thanks man. I have been loosing N50 daily for several days on baby tips not requested for.
    Is there any way to sanction mtn for illegally collecting my mony?

  5. Hello Oscar, my message center number is correct. But sometimes message sending fails and SOMETIMES I don’t receive messages sent to me

  6. My message center number is correct but still i can’t send messages to anyone for over one month now, pls someone shoukd help me so that i can use ny Confornt phone man normally pls…

  7. Yes, it was quite helpful for etisalar when I checked it, bbut The name of etisalat has been changed. In case there is alteration in the centre name, I hope it would reflect here.

  8. Thanks, it works. But because i send message to many staff at once I just had to port to something that support mass messaging at once.

    I just signed up for sending bulk SMS for organisation and regular text messages account on ediarosms . I choose any name I want to show on the receiver’s phone and it is cheaper than the standard SMS on your phone.

    • If you’re sure you put in the correct numbers and yet couldn’t get to send an sms, your best bet would be to call the customer service lines of your carrier. They should have you fixed within minutes Thompson.

  9. Hi, I tried , I am using Airtel and Etisalat(9-mobile), i also checked the message centre number , its the same, but still my messages are not being sent . I get message send failed. What should I do ?

  10. I tried it buh still didn’t work out.. Plz is there anyway u can be of help, I think it’s my phone.. I’m frustrated already..

  11. Nice post..it worked..for like a long time now I got the techno l9 plus I’ve not been able to send msgs..just after reading this article..I finally saw the problem and the solution..tanks pal..

  12. I have not been able to send message though my both MTN sim cards for about a month plus…. Is quite frustrating…. To think that I have followed all d instructions….kindly help me out on dis

  13. I have tried the message center code, it’s matches with the number but it’s still telling me, message sending fail

  14. The mtn message call line isn’t connectin,and this is more frustratin,it kept sayin the number you’re tryin did not exist


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