Almentor, a video-based web-based learning platform for the Middle East and North Africa, has brought $6.5m up in a Series B round drove by Partech from its Africa Fund.  The startup was established in 2016 when I had Fikry and Ibrahim Kamel concluded there was a need to oblige the adapting needs in the MENA district that were not given by different stages. 

We live in a region with a population of 400 million-plus people but 90% of them cannot learn properly in any other language but Arabic,” Ihab Fikry, Almentor’s fellow benefactor and CEO, says to TechCabal. 

The courses are intended to give information “in a proper manner without promoting any ideology or religious thoughts” Fikry says. 

How Almentor functions 

From gamified portable applications to sites that empower streaming, web based learning comes in various assortments across the world. 

Many instructive channels like TED-Ed, Khan Academy and Crash Course have cut a specialty on YouTube, without building their own innovations. Where does Almentor fit in this universe? 

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Almentor can be gotten to in various nations across Africa however the substance is centered around North Africa and the Middle East. 

Business model

Fikry portrays Almentor as sharing the traits of famous stages like Masterclass, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning. 

It charges clients membership to get to its library of 12,000 recordings. 

The app has a video-on-request segment that empowers students to stream content while learning the board framework draws in clients in homeroom like exercises like posing and noting inquiries, and taking tests. 

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Almentor can be gotten to anyplace, even in Nigeria, however, the center is to serve the Arabic district. 

Almentor rich in educational services

Their library incorporates math, history, normal sciences, and preparing material for enterprises. For sociologies where setting may fluctuate between nations, makers are chosen from different nations to guarantee the material is pertinent.

Nonetheless, numerous clients can discover similitudes on the grounds that basically every course is accessible in Arabic. 

Almentor works with topic educators and expert substance makers around the MENA area to make the courses. The organization and the makers share income from memberships dependent on concurrence on restrictiveness and entire responsibility for content by Almentor. 

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Fikry says they have gotten more than 3,000 applications from individuals who need to make course material on Almentor, however, the acknowledgment rate is at present at 12%.

Other than inviting applications, the startup proactively scouts effectively fruitful instructors and furthermore draws in organizations to enroll tutors for them. 

Up until now, Almentor has given 2 million fruitful learning encounters to clients. Fikry clarifies this measurement implies the student has devoured at any rate 25% of the learning material. 

Taking in classes shift from fundamental (30% of their library) to halfway and progressed levels. 

A common Almentor student is between ages 18 and 40 years of age. 51% of students are male while 49% are female. 60% are from Egypt, 25% are from Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain. The rest come from Algeria, Morocco, Niger and Arabs living in the US and UK. 

As far as financial status, Fikry says Almentor students are between the center and privileged. 

“For those in Class A+, they prefer to learn in English though some learn in French. For others, almost 40% can only learn in Arabic,” Fikry, a PhD holder who used to be a management professor and PWC consultant, explains.

Partnerships; The Driving Force From Preseed To Series B Funding

However much it is a help focused as straightforwardly serving shoppers, a critical component of Almentor’s advancement has been more than 80 associations it has entered with associations and governments.

One such organization is with the Ministry of Education in Egypt for a white-name educational plan focused at 4.5 million understudies in grades 7 to 9. They have another with the public authority in the UAE to upskill business people around there. 

Despite the country or the organization, Almentor’s guarantee is that clients will “gain from a topic master without being headed to any philosophy,” Fikry demands. 

It is a refined responsibility that requires a scope of the board abilities, past simply setting up innovation for streaming and learning. It likewise needs cash-flow to accomplish its latent capacity, Fikry says, which clarifies why they have searched out financial backers to keep on building.

As with having governments ready, working with VCs “gives credibility to the platform as we are serving an area with lots of dynamics.”], Fikry says. 

He says they especially searched out Partech for this round inferable from the VC’s worldwide spread of portfolio organizations traversing fintech, edtech, and different areas. 

Future Prospects Are Quite Tantalizing

With this Series B, Almentor has now raised $14.5 million. It opened the financing entryways with a $3.5 million seed store in 2016.

In 2019, Almentor’s $4.5 million Series A was driven by Sawari Ventures, an Egyptian firm that shut a $71 million asset in April. Sawari likewise put resources into this Series B round as Sango Capital, a firm situated in South Africa. 

Cyril Collon, the general accomplice at Partech, portrayed Fikry and his fellow benefactor as “two fantastic mission-driven entrepreneurs.” 

He trusts Almentor is simply the main stage learning in the Middle East and Africa and is anticipating assisting the organization with extending admittance to “on-demand cutting-edge personal learning & developments options.”


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