Welcome To techribs, today I’ll be disscusing with you on the mistakes I’ve made since I started my blogging journey. I’ll like to breifly tell you about the first silly mistake I made in my blogging career.

I came into the blogosphere in 2012 starting blogging with an education blog, with time, to me education blog didn’t seem to be my dream blog, then I left the education niche and moved to the tech niche.

This was the conception of techribs, at first it was hosted with a sub domain, “www.flowingtech.blogspot.com”. For the first one month I used to write articles for myself alone, lol, ofcourse I intended writing my blog posts for the public to read but i never had an idea of publicizing it, although I was on the social world but I never utilized their power. Until I met a good fellow Anthonio Omeihe of CampusLink.Com.NG, He was the one that made me know the power in advertising on social media. I followed the instruction of Mr. Anthonio, and it was no regret, before my blog was upto four months I was having over 3k daily pageviews and i was also ranked 724,217 according to alexa, 3k daily pageviews wasn’t a kids play for a newbie.

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Here is where I made a silly mistake, I was then noticing something, I noticed that some pro bloggers attached their names to their blogs url.

Blogs Like:
Oscarmini.com: Owned By Oscar Frank
Doncaprio.com: Owned By Doncaprio
Omoscowonder.com: Owned By Legend Omosco etc.

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So i decided to attach my name to my blogs url, this was when I changed my blogs url to larrytechtalk.blogspot.com. OMG! I can’t imagine I did such a thing, this move had made my traffic drop from over 3k to below 100 pageviews daily it was as if i was then operating a fresh blog, I left it that way for about Two weeks, until I contacted Oscar Frank of Oscarmini Blog, I made some explainations of what i had done, he was totally not in support he told me lots of nagative effects my action had caused and finally i was asked to revise the name to how it was at first, in no time I began to gain back what i had lost.
This was the first ever silly thing I made in my blogging career but i’m glad i made correction.

My Second Mistake:
Finally I ended up purchasing a custom domain name for my blog “www.oscarmini.com” now i checked it’s ranking according to alexa, I couldn’t believe what i saw. My new domain name was over 19million, and my traffic began to reduce with speed.

I then left my blog for about two months for some offline job’s, before I would come back my blog was totally dead, Ahan!. Here now I made the second silly mistake, I didn’t go for traffic, I began to look for possible means to drop the Alexa Rank, this took lot of my time, the time i was suppose to use to write new articles I use them for looking for ways to drop my Alexa Rank as if the ranking were better off the traffic, I did this till one day I realised that I was a kind of not getting it right.

Ain’t really regreting because it was part of experience, imagining myself two years ago changing my domain name hmmmm…. Really can’t laugh at myself :D.

For newbies out there, the traffic is most important, if the traffic starts coming then the ranking will have no option other than comprehending.

Lets hear from you, has there been a silly mistake you’ve made at the long run since you started blogging? Please tell us we want to know your story.


  1. We all learn from our mistakes. I can still remember i sold my PR2 blog few years back for a very embarrassing price. To achieve a PR1 now is not an easy task. It was something i wish never happened.

  2. Hi Jeremiah,
    I’m sorry you made such a bad mistake in your blogging career, but all thesame that was an experience and remember they say “Experience is the best teacher” now i hope you’ve learnt from that.

    I’m glad you could stop by to tell us your mistakes in the blogging world.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Blogging Time!

  3. Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics? Thanks for your time!


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