Instant AppsAndroid still being the world most used mobile Operating System has a lot to compliment with. This time, Google wants to change the Android world with an experience that would change the perspective of Users. Introducing Android Instant Apps. This was announced at Google I/O. The Instant Apps allows developers take advantage of modules which will allow mobile Web users use an applications even without installing them.Android Instant App

In the past, companies like Microsoft have attempted to stream apps, but had mixed results. It’s obvious that Google want to take the mobile web to a new level, I’m sure this will be a win-win situation. The company revealed a video experience from BuzzFeed and a shopping experience from B&H. According to Google, it would be a good way for single purpose apps, like paying for parking at a museum, where you won’t want to deal with the mobile web, and also don’t want to download a full app.

If you click on a Web URL associated with Instant App, you’ll get a tiny version of that app instead of the website. Tap on it, and allow your smartphone fetch some part of the app that users want to use, the app will instantly open perfectly.

Once the app is closed, it’s gone, but should still be alive on your cache for some hours.

We are not sure if the Google Instant Apps will support complex apps or instant game play – 4mb is the limit for Instant as at now. This will be available for Android users later this year, and if your device runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean and later, then you are good to go with this.

It’s not clear if Google’s Instant Apps will support complex apps or instant game play — Instant Apps will be limited to 4mb for now


  1. Hey Larry,

    I am landing here via Aha-now as you have shared this post there, seriously man I had no idea about this wonderful release by Google, thanks a lot for letting me know about this.



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