Here is a quick tip and DIY to easily make your android keyboard transparent for any application that makes use of the keyboard. This tip should be for fun for those who would need it and would be achieved by the use of an app in the play store.

How to make any android keyboard transparent

1. Head over to Google Playstore and search for Hackers Keyboard

2. Just select then install the App.

3. Open your Hackers keyboard then select and tap “Input Methods” then mark Hackers keyboard and tap the settings icon.

4. After selecting settings, choose “Theme and Label settings” then tap Keyboard Theme and select “Transparent Experimental“.

5. You can also play around the interface and modify other options you like. You can then try it by opening an app that could trigger the android keyboard like Whatsapp or any Chat app.

6. Drop down or expand the notification panel and select “Choose Input Method” select “Hacker’s Keyboard. Boom! Your Android’s keyboard is now transparent.

Having difficulties? Simply use the comment section.