This isn’t going to be another fanboy battle post where I’ll be claiming superiority of one mobile Operating System over the other. The one simple truth most people (especially those who haven’t tried both OSs out) fail to know is that both are great in their own ways.

As long as I’m concerned, and after having used devices from both ends, it’s obvious there’s a clear shot at what iOS evokes and so do devices running android have their unique mastery.

Android vs iOS: What Really Matters

Now What Matters?

There are a bunch of reasons you should choose iOS over Android and vice versa, I’ll show some differences so you can easily make your pick.

Simplicity Or Personality

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication as quoted by Leonardo the great artist. Steve Jobs who once likened himself to an Artist held strong to those words, even after his demise, his company think that’s the best path to take. If you need an operating system that’s easy to use and understand, then iOS should be your best bet.

On the other, Android mobile operating system, though not as simple as the iOS in terms of operations, isn’t rocket science either. It boasts of having the ability to be customized to a large decree such as customizing your widget, customizing the interface and lots more. It leaves you with the option to reflect your person through your device.

Premium or More Options

Yeah, iOS only runs on premium devices (at least that’s what Apple wants us to believe) which might not come down cheap for everyone. Though the devices are worth the price, you might want to look the other way.

Android, which obviously is the other way, have a bunch of options to choose from. Ranging from the high end premium device down to android devices that cost as low as $50 (I wouldn’t advocate getting those). But here’s the deal, you have a choice to make here.

VA: Personality Or Straight Result

Devices running both operating systems have Virtual/Voice Assistants. On the iOS is Siri. She gives you more personalized results as if you are having a conversation with someone.

Android on the other hand has Google Now, though it might not give personalized results like Siri, but can scan through your mails to remind you to pay your bills.

Other Worthy Mentions

Here are some other points I thought shouldn’t be left out from this post too, though they focus on the devices rather than the Operating Systems being talked about. Since this post would serve as a guide as to which one you should pick, it wouldn’t hurt if you read these too. 🙂

  • iPhones so far are usually made with a fixed internal memory size with no option of expanding up unlike most Android devices with support for expandable memory.
  • Of course, most people have several network lines and wish they could answer them from one device. If you are not in this category of people, then you might want to stick with iPhones, otherwise only Android devices (not all) as at time of this post possess the capability of two sim slots.
  • It would be crazy if I think you’ll be going swimming with your iPhone, but here’s a side-note, they are not waterproofed like some high end android devices in 2016.
  • Now if you need the ease of having contents syncing across multiple devices, you should definitely get hold of devices running iOS. No mobile operating system has done this better so far.

It all boils down to a matter of preference. One of them (iOS) has been consistent over all their devices while the Android can be customized to suit your persona a great deal. So do you need a device with that perfect simplicity? Then go for the iOS powered devices. If you need a smartphone you’ll plunge into with customization out of this world, stick with Android devices.

I’ll like to hear your take on this and what operating system you prefer.


  1. Thanks on this dope article. The idea of Operating system is quality of delivery and the purpose of usage. Most people don’t consider that, All they just want is a mobile device that can browse and gaming. Well, all can just still be attributed to choice. Make a good choice in proper checking of the features to suit your taste.


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